'GOT' Season 8 Spoilers Revealed On Set Prove This City Is Going Up In Flames

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones has gone to huge lengths this season to keep Season 8 spoilers under wraps. Unlike previous years, outdoor filming is keeping long-lensed photographers farther back than they used to. Scripts are supposedly electronic only, and can only be accessed inside certain wifi codes. And yet, they can't keep everything from leaking out. Game Of Thrones Season 8 spoilers are still rampant, with new images from Winterfell filming are appearing on Twitter, and the news reports from Iceland announcing that the show is scheduled to return there for the final season.

But nothing has fascinated watchers of the Season 8 filming period more than the building that's been going up inside the walls of Titanic studios. Normally, when there are sets or filming inside the walls of the show's home base, those are the parts of the series we know nothing about, as everything is housed within the sound stages. It's where the production can ensure privacy. For instance, when they filmed Daenerys burning the Khals in Season 6, they filmed it twice. Once out in the deserts of Spain, and then again in Titanic studios: that second burn was the one that included Emilia Clarke in her clothes-burned-away state, because the show did not want to risk filming that in a location where a long-lensed camera could catch her unclothed.

But this set is so large, it sticks out over the tops of the guarded Titanic gates, and is easy to pick out by drone cameras.

So what is it? And is it related to the trebuchet that's just around the corner from the set? So far, fan theories have thought the answer to be yes, and these square walls were the practical set of a place we've only seen in CGI thus far: Dragonstone. That would suggest the Golden Company is coming to Daenerys' doorstep while she's out fighting in the North, and attacking as Cersei planned.

But new spoilers today say something else. Turn back now, if you don't want to know.

According to fansite Watchers on the Wall, these are the streets of King's Landing.

I know, those of you who pay attention to how the show is filmed are completely confused. Every year, for seven seasons, Game of Thrones has never filmed the outdoor scenes of King's Landing on a lot. From all the way back in Season 1 to today, they have always gone to southern European countries, like Croatia and Spain, to find real life cities that could stand in for the real thing. It's part of what makes the show feel so lush, and so real...and also makes the price tag so high.

So why now? Why build King's Landing out of plywood now?

Because, according to the spoilers, they're burning it to the ground.

Not "wildfire CGI over shots of real European cities" burning it to the ground either, like they did with the Citadel. We're talking major pyrotechnical prowess, the entire city engulfed in a fireball type stuff. The kind of thing you cannot do in a real city, because people actually live there, and want tourists to come visit after the show is done.

So what does it mean? Is it Cersei? Will she finally go mad and burn King's Landing herself? Is it Daenerys? Will Cersei do something so unforgivable that she turns her dragons south and become Queen of the Ashes?

Will we finally see Daenerys' vision from the House of the Undying come true? The ruins of the Red Keep, and the Iron Throne, open to the sky wide above, covered in ash and snow?

We'll have to wait to find out. Game of Thrones Season 8 will arrive sometime in the not so distant future. Let's say, oh, January of 2019 or so.