This Influencer’s IG Stories Proposal Is What Viral Dreams Are Made Of

by Ginny Hogan
Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do you think life as an Instagram influencer sounds cool? I personally can't imagine anything better than getting paid to do exactly the same thing that I do anyway the moment I wake up in the morning and at every bathroom break. It's not just about promoting fitness classes anymore — Gabriel Grossman's Instagram story proposal to Marissa Fuchs is, in my opinion, a weird mix of cute and public. On Tuesday morning, Grossman announced that he planned to propose (but did not actually propose — more on this later) to his girlfriend, Instagram influencer and Director of Brand Partnerships at Goop Marissa Casey Fuchs, live on Instagram, and then teased her with the promise of an incredible scavenger hunt to find the proposal, and perhaps the wedding.

What exactly did Grossman's proposal for the proposal entail? In two Instagram videos posted to Fuch's page, he told her he loved her more than his dog (all I've ever wanted from a partner, although, given my track record, my best bet is to find someone who's just neutral towards their dog), and told her he wanted their wedding to be something unlike anything they'd experienced before. He explained that they're not into traditional weddings (or into traditional Instagram posts — where's the brightly lit salad pic for a Tuesday morning, Gabe?), and said their wedding was going to be a different sort of adventure. And then the video stops! Right there, that's all we know — at least for now.

Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fuchs, who also runs the site, posted a collage in the wee Wednesday hours of the morning, of her sitting anxiously at a laptop, with the caption, "Can't sleep in anticipation of tomorrow." Clearly, I'm not the only one on the edge of my seat — what could he possibly have in store for her? Judging from his story, it looks like an elaborate scavenger hunt that takes her and her friends from TriBeCa, to FlyWheel (so, yes, promoting fitness classes is still a part of it), to the beach in Montauk. He posted that she must find three jewels as part of his hunt.

Fuchs rises to the challenge, and she makes swift progress on collecting these jewels. Grossman's story features shots of her friends hunting with her, but he himself seems to be MIA. The first jewel is a small chain, which Fuchs analyzes with her friends in a Montauk hotel room. The second is a key (perhaps to open the third jewel?). Her friends continue posting that she's not engaged yet (I can only imagine it's a little bit frustrating for them too — first, you have to go to your friends' weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, and now, pre-engagement scavenger hunts?). Fuchs must find the third jewel before the engagement is complete. The third jewel allegedly took them back to the town where they first met, but as of Wednesday 1:44 p.m., it was a decoy to take her to the airport. And Grossman is seeming to hint that the third jewel... might be him? A little presumptuous, IMO.

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Personally, I think what Grossman is doing is potentially cute but also a little bit annoying. But maybe Fuchs loves scavenger hunts, and he's appealing to her light-hearted nature! I guess when you're a professional Instagram influencer (or pre-engaged to one), life is like one non-stop major motion picture. So, for Fuch's sake, fingers crossed that she finds her third jewel ASAP (and fingers crossed that that third jewel doesn't open up the door to 19 more jewels). Until then, happy hunting!