Two friends sit on a clear red lips inflatable couch while chilling in the pool on a summer day.

This Inflatable Lip Couch Is Here To Make Every '90s Babe's Summer So Rad

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You can kiss a drab summer goodbye when you've got the right inflatable for pool days ahead. Instead of simply lounging by the water, you'll be able to float on it in the most Instagrammable way possible. The only decision you have to make is picking out which inflatable is the right one for you. The choice is simple for any '90s babe who's looking for throwback fun, and that's FUNBOY's inflatable red lip couch.

The nostalgia is real with this one. Remember the days of chilling on your clear inflatable couch, while watching Clueless with your besties? Well, you can recreate those totally rad moments all summer long. This new inflatable from FUNBOY is the perfect size to fit both you and your BFF, or just you when you want to relax in the sunshine. It can be used both in and out of the water, so it's not only great for your pool days, but casual backyard hangouts as well.

These large red lips even have a cup holder, so you can sip your favorite summery drink while spending the afternoon outside. The bright red color will also pop in your Instagram pics, so you know a photoshoot with your crew is inevitable. If you're thinking this sounds hella tight, it might be time for you to lock lips with this inflatable before they all get snatched up.

FUNBOY has so many inflatables that will make you want to click "add to cart" the minute you see them. From glittery pink unicorns to rainbow chaise loungers, there's something for everyone's taste. FUNBOY even has adorable tropical inflatable coolers to keep your drinks cool, and sprinklers that'll keep you cool on those extra warm days. Any day spent at home could be an epic one with just the right inflatable accessories. Though, if you want to have a true #throwback-inspired summer, you'll want to treat yourself to these red lips.

Travel back in time to when you and your siblings or besties would have pool hangs on the regular. Take turns laying on the lips and posing while someone else snaps some pics for the 'Gram. You can even use the red lips couch as home base for any pool games you want to play with your family like you used to when you were a kid. Mix together some refreshments inspired by your fave '90s drink, like a Mellow Yellow cocktail (if you're 21 or up). Then, serve some nostalgia-filled snacks like homemade Dunk-a-roos.


When the sun sets, set up a projector in your backyard with a white sheet to create the ultimate outdoor movie experience. While you're relaxing on this rad inflatable couch, stream all the '90s movies you used to watch on VHS. You can always go with a classic like The Lion King, and if you have bae by your side, you might want to watch a rom-com like She's All That. With a full summer ahead, the movie night possibilities are endless.

Along with all the fun you can have with this red lip inflatable couch, you're also making a difference. FUNBOY is not only dedicated to making sure you seas the day this summer, but they're also supporting families during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to the official press release for the inflatable lips, FUNBOY is making a difference by giving a portion of all earnings to Feeding America. So, kick back in your red lip seat knowing that you're not only looking totally cool, but making a positive impact.

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