7 Ways Friendsgiving Is So Different In Your Early 20s Versus Your Late 20s

Friendsgiving has become a highly-anticipated tradition. It's a time to be with all of our closest friends who have seemingly become family, and celebrate the holidays. As we get older, though, you'll start to realize how friendsgiving in your early 20s and late 20s is totally different, and with it, you are doing some evolving as well.

This change doesn't take away from the holiday or anything. With age, comes more perspective and interpretation, as we face and conquer certain events and milestones in our life. Growing up is so awesome, isn't it? Anyway, these changes are mostly because of what's going on in our lives and oftentimes, those things are dependent on how old we are. Do we still enjoy our friends? Yes. Are most of our views and values changing? Definitely.

Almost unknowingly, we are adapting everyday, and because you are part of such a dope group, your crew is here for the evolution. No one's planning on acting brand new, but no one probably intends on staying the same forever. If you've planned a party with the same group of peeps for Friendsgiving every year, you've probably already caught on. If not, expect a few of these things to change overtime when it comes to the layout of your Friendsgiving.

Who You Bring As Your Date To The Party

In your early 20s: Because you might have a fear or dislike of being by yourself, anyone is up for grabs to bring to Friendsgiving. This is especially true if everyone else in your group is in a relationship. That guy in the dorm across the hall who you see every once in awhile on campus? Yep, he's definitely a go.

In your late 20s: It doesn't seem like enough time in between to have a pivotal realization, but it happens. By now, you're a little more critical on who you bring around your friends. If anything, this is the gateway for them to really meet who you're interested in.

The Topics You Talk About

In your early 20s: Midterms were a drag, and your roommate might be driving you bananas. These are all easy topics at this point in your life. Many of us are still in school, finishing up, or just getting our feet wet in the real world.

In your late 20s: Yes, we may still have roommates, but what about that high school buddy who's hitched now? As much as some of us may not be in the marital and parenting stages of our lives just yet, talking about the people we know who are, is all the rage. Anything nostalgia-related goes as well.

What Time You Roll Up To The Party

In your early 20s: Fashionably late? No problem. Honestly, the invitation was so casual that there wasn't even really a start time. I mean, the party doesn't start until you walk in, of course.

In your late 20s: Because you and your friends probably don't see each other as often, you shoot for getting there on time. It's not everyday you get to sit with your dope crew and eat various dishes of deliciousness. You may not be the first one there, but you aren't far behind.

What You Decide To Bring

In your early 20s: Assigned dishes is the way to go, unless you want to end up with far too many plastic cups and bottles of soda. Hey, you can't blame us. Be a dear and keep with the routine.

In your late 20s: Now, you're not Martha Stewart, but making something from scratch for your crew is most likely happening. Also, that wine you tasted a couple weeks ago? You're definitely bringing a couple of bottles for your favorite people to experience just how good it is.

How You Mingle

In your early 20s: Sending poop emojis to your friend from across the room is basically mandatory. You also can't forget to show those pics from fall formal. Your highlighted experiences are usually the convo starters.

In your late 20s: You've become a little more observant. Whether it was on Facebook or a follow-up from the last outing, you're catching up with people and their current obstacles, successes, and aspirations. There's nothing wrong with diverting the attention, ya know?

The Way You're Invited

In your early 20s: Mass text, please? Since you and your group are probably already a part of a group text (because duh funny videos and memes exist), a mass text is your go-to. It's that simple.

In your late 20s: OK, things are getting slightly more organized. This doesn't take away from the fun, but don't be surprised when this has become a closed Facebook event. It's time to tell everyone if you are going to bring a plus one.

How You Post The Occasion On Social Media

In your early 20s: From start to finish, your followers on Snapchat were along for the journey that was your Friendsgiving. I mean, if it isn't documented on social media, did it even really happen? Besides, your group is so entertaining, you want other people to get a taste of the fun as well.

In your late 20s: Clearly, we aren't completely untapped from social media, but proving that we are actually doing something isn't at the top of our to-do list. Now, a candidly orchestrated group pic with an even more sentimental caption for Instagram is right up your alley. Trust me, we're living the memories, even if every second isn't on Snap.

How you celebrate Friendsgiving is going to change, because you're growing up. Luckily, your crew will always remain unmoved and buckled in for the ride through adulthood with you.