Friday the 13th will be the best

Believe It Or Not, Friday The 13th Actually Won't Be So Bad For These Signs

by Valerie Mesa
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Everyone is entitled to having their own superstitions. Whether it be a black cat crossing the street just in time for you to see, or the pair of jeans you wore on a night that went terribly wrong, it still exists. Friday the 13th November 2020 will be the best for those with personal placements in Cancer and Scorpio — but it has nothing to do with luck.

There's always a backstory, and the myths behind Friday the 13th being the unluckiest day of the year are no exception. The superstition of this historical phenomenon was derived from patriarchal times — specifically, the Code of Hammurabi "purposely" leaving out the number 13 — but it's time to officially debunk the origin of this "evil omen." Friday, also known as Venus' day, is the day of the Goddess. Venus is a symbol of love, beauty, harmony, relationships, and the divine feminine. It's no wonder Friday's everyone's favorite day of the week, not to mention the start of the weekend. Again, there's always a backstory, and Friday's date-night vibes are totally Venusian.

More importantly, in the Middle Ages, Fridays were a day of celebration, but the number 13 was seen as sacred, as it corresponds to the 13 yearly moon and menstrual cycles that occur each year. Did you know 10 percent of the U.S. population has a fear of the number 13, according to Sounds bizarre, but there's even a name for this: The fear of Friday the 13th is called "paraskevidekatriaphobia."

On a brighter note, here's why Cancer and Scorpio don't have to worry about Friday the 13th November 2020:

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Cancer: You're Stepping Into Your Fullest Potential, And Everyone Around You Can Feel It

Honor your place in every relationship, but don't forget to hold space for your significant others in the process, Cancer. You might be feeling like you can't catch a break from the pressure, but this is what happens when the most nurturing sign in the zodiac begins to find their own path. The people around you may or may not be ready for this new version of you, but that's none of your business.

In addition to it being Scorpio season, Jupiter will be coming off its conjunction with Pluto in your committed relationship sector today, which is helping you liberate yourself from toxic relationships that no longer serve you. Although, for some Cancers, this could also be what solidifies a romantic partnership. More importantly, the way you feel about yourself — powerful, present, and confident — will project onto others during this time, and that's always a good look for you.

Scorpio: Your Inner Goddess Is Awakening, And You're Tuning Into Your Mystical Charms

Your perspective is ever-changing, but your mind is as sharp as ever, Scorpio. This, of course, could be a blessing and a curse, but you've experienced a series of mental epiphanies these last couple of years, so make sure to keep the momentum going. Your traditional ruler, Mars, stations direct today, and you will feel this supercharged pick-me-up from the moment you wake up. Aggressive Mars is symbolic of your carnal instincts and red-hot passions, and in your detail-oriented sixth house of divine duties, there is an opportunity for you to partake in acts of service, let alone restructure the energy of your day-to-day lifestyle.

You're learning how to cultivate your powerful gifts more each day, and Jupiter's conjunction to your modern ruler, Pluto — via your third house of communication, thought process, and cognitive functioning — serves as a reminder of your progress. Congratulations, Scorpio. You're slowly but surely liberating yourself from the toxic patterns weighing you down and stifling your freedom. You're learning how to embrace freedom of thought and use your intellectual gifts for the greater good.

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