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Friday The 13th Will Actually Be Energizing For These 3 Zodiac Signs

by Valerie Mesa

Whenever I hear the date Friday the 13th, I always think about the 1980 mystery slasher film of the same name, along with all the other spooky stories about this day. I will say, however, despite its countless superstitions, Friday the 13th will be the best for these zodiac signs in December 2019: Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius. When you consider the upcoming transits, the aforementioned trio will be quite relieved.

There's always something eerie about Friday the 13th, but what I find even more interesting is everything taking place on Dec. 12 this year. For starters, there will be a powerful full moon in the curious sign of Gemini, challenged by rebellious Uranus, planet of liberation, chaos, and unexpected change. This Mercury-ruled lunation will urge you to break free from previously set structures and traditions, especially in regard to your relationships. Meanwhile, Chiron, the wounded healer, finally stations direct in warrior-like Aries, after almost three months retrograde.

With so much happening all at once within 24 hours of Dec. 13, it's hard to believe anyone will come out unscathed. Alas, Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius will defy the odds and make this the best Friday the 13th yet.

Aries: Chiron Direct Will Feel Like A Weight's Been Lifted

The past couple of months have been tough on you, but that's all about to change. With Chiron retrograde in your sign, you were given no choice but to break free from whatever's been holding you back from being completely authentic. Who are you, Aries? What do you want your legacy to be about? Is something stopping you from living your truth? This is a lot to think about, especially during a day like Friday the 13th, but rest assured, these types of topics will be top of mind for you during this time — which is a good thing, because you're finally starting to realize what needs to change.

On another note, the full moon in Gemini will be activating your chatty third house of communication and thought process, bringing closure and clarity to your conversations and immediate circles. Say what you need to say, but make sure to use your words wisely.

Getty Images/Yuichiro Chino

Gemini: The Full Moon Will Leave You Feeling Energized

Your personal life, finances, and one-on-one partnerships will be top of mind during this time. However, thanks to Chiron stationing direct via your socially conscious 11th house of friendships, tribes, and extended network, you'll be reminded of your ride-or-die support system, amidst what you might've initially considered to be somewhat chaotic.

Aside from feeling blessed for having your forever soul tribe by your side, you'll also be reflecting on your unique sense of belonging and sense of individuality. Who do you want to continue surrounding yourself with? You're finally recognizing the power within you and using it to create the life you deserve.

Sagittarius: Your Love Life Will Begin To Flourish

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and the full moon in Gemini is currently activating your committed seventh house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships. Plus, Chiron is finally stationing direct via your expressive fifth house of love, romance, passion, and creativity. So whether you're starting to fall for that special someone, or finally finding the courage to tap into your creativity, know that self-love should always be a priority.

Something else to consider during this time is whether the people in your life are actually worthy of your time. This is your time to shine, Sagittarius. Enough is enough.