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These Zodiac Signs Will Be Feeling The Romantic Fireworks This Fourth Of July


I don't know about you, but I will always view the Fourth of July as one of the most romantic holidays of all time. I mean... fireworks? A hot summer day? An excuse to relax in your bathing suit all afternoon long? Sounds pretty romantic to me, (Ok, so maybe I'm just a little bit biased because one time, a man told me he loved me for the first time while we laid on the beach and red, white, and blue sparkled through the sky. Can you blame me?) I know I'm not alone in marking the holiday with romance, especially knowing these zodiac signs will have the most romantic Fourth of July, too.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for easy, flirtatious, young-and-in-love vibes from this year's holiday weekend, think again. The astrology of this upcoming Fourth of July is serious. So serious, in fact, that a lunar eclipse in Capricorn will shake the world at 12:44 a.m. ET on July 5. In astrology, an eclipse is a moment of unpredictable change that brings you closer to your ultimate destiny. It's when you make it or break it, and more often than not, the change is something you never expected to happen. The fact that it's happening on Fourth of July makes this a holiday you'll probably never forget.

All seriousness aside, Mercury spends this holiday retrograde, making way for communication errors and plenty of awkward moments. Make sure you think twice before you speak and proofread your love texts and sexts before you hit send. Luckily, Venus — planet of love and friendship — is in light-hearted Gemini, so you'll at least be able to laugh off any ensuing weirdness.

However, if you're a Cancer, Gemini, or Sagittarius, you might not have to. Here's why:


Gemini: You're Sexier Than A Firecracker And You Know It

Cue the Katy Perry lyrics, cause "baby, you're a firework." No one is absorbing the sexy, sultry vibes of Fourth of July more beautifully than you are. After all, Venus — planet of love and beauty — is spending its time in your zodiac sign, concentrating her blessings directly onto you. So don't be surprised if nobody can take their eyes off you, because truth be told, the fireworks can't hold a candle to how gorgeous you look. Don't be shy, Gemini, because you deserve it. After Venus retrograde spread so much confusion over your self-esteem last month, no one deserves this more.

Cancer: Your Heart Is Beating With Desire This Summer

This is a big and potentially majorly romantic night for you, Cancer, because a lunar eclipse lands right in your seventh house of partnerships. This essentially means all the relationships meant to stay will in your life become stronger than ever. However, it also means that if it's not written in the stars, it may be time to say goodbye. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, Cancer, because the universe knows what it's doing. There's just something so romantic and magical about fate.

Sagittarius: You May Have Your Eye On A Special Someone

Lucky you, Sagittarius, because romantic Venus is spending its time in your seventh house of partnerships, making you quite lucky in love. Whether you're spending this Fourth of July with your close friends or someone who makes your heart pump with excitement, you're feeling all the love — both platonic and romantic. Open your heart, allow yourself to connect, and don't be afraid of falling in love, because you're most certainly ready for it. The universe wants to help you pair up, so don't stand in its way.