Flamingo Is A New Hair-Removal Brand & You've Been Seeing It All Over Insta For A Reason

Remember when SugarBear Hair Vitamins came out and it seemed like every celebrity and blogger on earth was posting about them on social media? There's a new snappable product in town, except this one seems legitimately covetable and effective. You've probably already seen Flamingo razors on Instagram but if you haven't, you only need to look to the accounts of rad (by this I mean inspiring and successful) influencers and industry insiders with the likes of blogger and former Refinery 29 editor, Alyssa Coscarelli; streetwear blogger and social media manager for Undefeated Inc., Evelynn Escobar-Thomas; and art director, photographer, and co-creator of Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash, Deun Ivory. They've all promoted one of Flamingo's products on Instagram and sung its praises, so you can trust that the brand's stuff is good.

So, what exactly does Flamingo offer? It was founded by men's shaving brand, Harry's, and therefore expectedly sells razors, shaving cream, and lotion. You can get their entire Shave Set for $16 and be armed with a razor handle, two five-blade cartridges, foaming shave gel, body lotion, a shower hook, and a travel bag. Yes, it's the beauty deal of a century. "Since Harry’s launched in 2013, over a million women have used and loved the products," the brand explains on their website. "To a collective of women on the Harry’s team, it became clear that we could create Harry’s-quality products designed for the ways women were actually using them—like on their legs, underarms and bikini lines." The name Flamingo even comes from the pose women make when shaving their legs in the shower—yes, I stood and tried it out, too.

Flamingo took their product line one step further, however, by adding at-home waxing strips for both body and face to their arsenal in a move that truly sets them apart from most other women's shaving brands. To be clear, Flamingo never says that women need to or should shave. "Everyone has a private body care routine. Places they want hair, places they don’t, and ways of caring for and removing it," their website reads. The brand is simply there to make the hair removal process as easy and painless (and honestly affordable) for women who do choose to remove their hair, which is really exciting to me as someone who hates getting professional bikini waxes. I've had a bad experience (or two) at a salon, so being able to remove my body hair in the comfort of my own home sounds ideal.

Both Flamingo's Face Wax Kit ($10, and Body Wax Kit ($10, are formulated with a soft, gel wax that needs no heating and can grab even the finest hairs. It includes no added fragrances or artificial colors and is dermatologist tested, meaning it can work on all skin types. Along with 20 wax strips, the Face Wax Kit also includes six post-wax cloths (they remove stickiness and condition skin) and a calming serum to help with any irritation the waxing may cause, while the Body Wax Kit includes 12 double-sided strips and six post-wax cloths.


As far as directions on how to use the strips go (because I know I can't be alone in having failed miserably with at-home waxing kits before), Flamingo's website has an easy-to-read Wax Guide that will answer any questions you might have. The gist of it is smooth the strip down in the direction of your hair growth, pull your skin taut and pull of the wax strip in the direction against your hair growth, and use the provided post-wax products. These instructions are all included within each wax kit and additional tips can also be found on Flamingo's website.


No more pulling my legs into Happy Baby Pose as a stranger tears my pubic hair out? Cool. Cooler than cool. Ice cold.