'Riverdale' Just Killed Off Another Character & Now I'm More Confused Than Ever


Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot details from Riverdale Season 2 Episode 20, "Shadow of a Doubt." Another Riverdale character bites the dust, folks. Now that we are nearing the end of Season 2 and that highly anticipated Black Hood reveal, the show is getting into a gruesome groove of killing of a character every episode: Two weeks ago it was Midge, and last week it was implied that Chic was likely killed, and now [SPOILER] Fangs Fogarty's death on Riverdale has fans completely shook. It definitely left me with some big questions, so let's try to break down what happened on that new Riverdale episode and what the latest death could mean in the grand scheme of things.

Wednesday night's new episode of Riverdale had a lot going on... like, a lot. I guess we should be expecting these episodes to be jam-packed with twists and craziness since we are only one episode away from the season finale, and "Shadow of a Doubt" definitely delivered. Before we get into Fangs' death, let's quickly go over an abridged version of everything that happened:

  • Betty suspects her dad is the Black Hood, and enlists Cheryl's help to investigate him.
  • Hiram urges Archie to restart his militia group the Dark Circle, only to find out that Hiram has actually been paying and working with Reggie to take over the group and incite violence.
  • Reggie and the Dark Circle assume Fangs killed Midge after he reveals that he was secretly hooking up with her, and Jughead and the Serpents step up to protect him. He is eventually arrested on suspicion of murder and carrying a switchblade at school.
  • Archie and Veronica have finally turned their backs on Lodges, after Hermione uses Archie's involvement in the Dark Circle to attack Fred Andrews at the mayoral debate, and Hiram blows off Veronica's casino idea and urges her mother to stay in the mayoral race despite being attacked.
  • The Black Hood threatens Fred Andrews with a note saying he is next, and then appears at the mayoral debate shooting wildly from the balcony. Nobody is revealed to be injured.
  • An angry mob waits outside as Fangs is released from prison. Although the Serpents and Archie try to protect him, Reggie shows up with a gun and Fangs winds up shot in the stomach.

Amidst that mob craziness at the end of the episode, it was actually hard to see exactly what happened before Fangs got shot. We know that Reggie had a gun with him, and Archie managed to tackle Reggie before he fired a shot... but did the bullet that killed Fangs come from Reggie's gun or not?

I mean, it definitely seems like it did, fight? But also, the angle seemed kind of weird: Archie and Reggie were lying on the ground with the gun when the shot was fired, and I may need to rewatch the scene, but when I first saw it, it seemed like a sniper had shot Fangs hidden from a roof or something. It was also strange how the gunshot incited everyone to start fighting one another, but nobody immediately went after the two kids holding the gun on the ground. I don't know... something felt fishy about that.

One thing that I do feel pretty safe in assuming is that for once, this character's death does not have to do with the Black Hood. Rather, Fangs' death is clearly associated with the (perhaps equally villainous?) Hiram Lodge plotline, in his shady attempts to take over the Southside. We know that Hiram was urging Reggie to kill Fangs during his prison release, and my theory is that the mob boss also hired a sniper as insurance in case Reggie did not go through with the killing — it would not be the first time that Hiram hired a murderer.

However it happened, Fangs' death will undoubtedly bring the already-heated tension between the Southside Serpents and the Northside to a boiling point as we head into the season finale. The building animosity definitely echoes what the Riverdale cast has teased about the finale, saying that it is a gang war and has a lot to do with Hiram's adversarial relationships with Archie and Jughead.