Evan Peters' zodiac sign is Aquarius

Evan Peters' Zodiac Sign Means He's Maybe Not The Most Attentive Partner

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If you watch American Horror Story, then you know that Evan Peters can play just about anyone (and look really good while doing it). But since he takes on so many different characters and doesn't really do social media, it's hard to know what Peters is like as a person — or a boyfriend. Now that he and Halsey are almost certainly official, I'm curious what Peters is like as a BF, and as he's a bit of an enigma, I'll have to rely on astrology to tell me. Evan Peters' zodiac sign is Aquarius, which totally makes sense. Aquarians are zany, creative, and total individuals — but unfortunately, they're not always the most attentive partners.

A lot of Peters' appeal has to do with his unabashed weirdness. The actor has been known to talk about alien conspiracy theories and put peanut butter on bagels, and he has no problem admitting that being boring just isn't for him. In a 2012 interview with Collider, Peters said, "A lot of people don’t know that I'm really a silly guy. I don't take anything seriously. It takes a lot of energy for me to take something seriously." He's truly an Aquarius through and through.

While Aquarians are incredibly passionate about what they believe in, they don't always put that same passion into their relationships. Peters is an outspoken advocate for confronting climate change, recently taking part in an initiative called “The World is in Our Hands,” which was created by the United Nations Environment Programme. And though he claims he can't take anything seriously, there's no doubt that he has totally devoted himself to his many AHS roles over the years. "I'm not the best actor I can be, so I'm just working on it," he told The Inquisitr back in 2013. "I'm not the quickest reader in the world, but when I get an acting book I can read it in two days."

However, Peters rarely opens up about his love life. Though he and his ex-fiancée Emma Roberts dated on-and-off since 2012 before finally breaking up (maybe) for good in March 2019, both remained tight-lipped about the relationship throughout. He did confess to Vulture in 2014 that Roberts was initially... confused by his flirting methods. "You know how when you like somebody and then you say things, kind of like a fifth grader?" he asked. "You like the person so you kind of tease them a little bit or you joke around a little bit? Emma didn't get that I was joking so it just kind of came off all wrong." Not everyone understands an Aquarius — even a fellow Aquarius, like Roberts.

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Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac, more devoted to saving the world than working on their relationships. They're also willfully individualistic and don't really care what others think. As an Aquarius, Peters is likely not into big romantic displays or touchy-feely stuff, even if he cares deeply about his partner in private. But Halsey (who's a Libra) is opinionated, offbeat, and a little wacky herself, so a lovable, philanthropic weirdo might be exactly the kind of partner she's looking for.

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