If You're Into Pastel-Colored Hair, These Color Sprays Make Achieving It SO Easy


Considering I just had pink hair last week, I feel confident in saying the whole pastel hair trend isn't dying down anytime soon. While people are still loving the look, though, not everybody is a fan of the color upkeep and the long-term damage that can sometimes come from excessive bleaching. Cue easy-to-use temporary tint products like Eva NYC's new Chameleon Color Sprays, which give you a trendy look in just a few spritzes that you don't have to commit to for ages. The brand just launched three gorgeous shades, and I'm thisclose to buying the whole trio and going full pastel unicorn rainbow.

If youo aren't already familiar with Eva NYC, the brand specializes in cool-girl haircare, with an Instagram bio proudly declaring their mission for "girl power + world domination one strand at a time." Big beauty energy. Their Kweeen Glitter Spray ($12, has been a festival staple for many, but now that the three new Chameleon Temporary Color Sprays ($10 each, have dropped, they'll be responsible for even more dreamy 'dos. And while many color sprays only cling to blonde or bleached light hair, this trio promises to deliver bold pigment overtop any shade of hair.

👀 You've got my attention, Eva NYC:

The range includes the Chameleon Temporary Color Spray in Blue ($10,, Pink ($10,, and Purple ($10, You can pick your fave and go for a bold streak or two, or mix and match for a tri-color fantasy, which is what I'll most likely be doing. According to the brand, the color fades after just one wash, so if you aren't happy with your DIY dye job, you can try again ASAP.

Definitely going to need a little help attempting this look. Any volunteers?

As someone who loves to experiement with hair color but has trouble committing to one set look, I feel like temporary products are a total godsend. And since I often hear from my darker-haired friends that they wish they could get in on the action, I'm pleased to see that the Eva NYC range caters to brunettes as well as blondes. As for the shade range, pink and purples are go-to pastels, but I'm loving that they included a blue as well, since celebs like Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner have certainly brought 2019's icy blue hair trend to life.

Another reason this spray stands out? Many beauty-lovers that bleach their hair to rock the pastel trend pay the price in damaged, dry strands, but this temporary color is infused with nourishing agan oil and a strengthening Keravis protein complex to prevent breakage and ensure hair feels as good as it looks.

My hair better look this majestic and luscious after a hearty application of the Pink spray, just saying:

If you want to give the pastel look a go commitment-free, you can snag the new Eva NYC sprays on the brand's website now, as well as on the Target site and in select Target stores.