Etsy's Top 10 Instagram Posts Will Make You Want To Redecorate Your Entire Apartment RN

It's time for some spring cleaning — which may mean out with the old, and in with the new for you. Every year, I try to do a little bit of cleanup in my space, getting rid of things I don't need or use anymore. The goal is to get closer and closer to my dream apartment, decorated exactly how I want it to be. When looking for chic redesign inspiration, you likely head over to Instagram to get a feel of what's trending right now. If that's the case, Etsy's top Instagram posts will make you want to redecorate your entire apartment right now.

According to Etsy's blog post, the online shop collected their top 10 Instagram posts over the past three months, and organized them into one list for you to scope out for yourself. Judging by the items on the list, it's clear that floral designs are trending this year. I'm also getting a sense that the color palette of 2019 thus far consists of earthy greens and pastel pinks. (I want to incorporate them in my living space decor ASAP.)

Adding any of the below items to your space may be super trendy, but will also feel totally unique to you. Happy spring cleaning (and shopping)!

You Won't Be-Leaf How Cute These Floral Mugs Are

I believe you can never have too many mugs in your home. If you feel the same, add these floral mugs (which come in a set of two) to your collection ASAP. You'll honestly want to have your friends over for coffee or tea on the daily, just so that you can show off how unbe-leaf-ably cute these mugs are.

These Fun Pencils Are Grammatically Correct

Let's be honest: You might love grammar so much, that you're part of the "grammar police" crew. You'll also get a kick out of these green grammar pencils. It's no wonder why this Etsy post was a hit on the 'Gram, because not only are these pencils cute AF, but the colors are perfect for your spring aesthetic.

Of Quartz These Crystal Mugs Are So Popular On The 'Gram

It's no wonder why these handmade crystal mugs racked up over 40 thousand likes. The way the design pops out like real crystals makes it so much more than just another mug you'd bring to work. These might be the fancy mugs you'd keep on display in your kitchen, and use on special occasions with the crew.

This Floral Hanging Will Make Any Wall In Your Home Bloom

From this list, you'll start to notice a trend of floral taking over. Judging by how many people are posing for pictures in flower gardens and snapping selfies in floral sundresses, it's clear that spring has arrived. That's why a floral hanging is a must if you're looking to redecorate your apartment. (It's super Insta-worthy, too.)

These Ceramic Serving Bowls Are So Unique

These stacking ceramic serving bowls are calling your name this season. They come in a pretty "emeraude green" hue (in addition to three other colors) that can bring a pop of color into your kitchen. When all of the bowls are stacked together, they look like a cute succulent or artichoke that'll steal a piece of your heart.

This Dusty Pink Duvet Cover Is Vintage-Chic

A duvet cover is an easy way to give your room a new look without buying a ton of new items. This dusty pink linen cover will instantly make your bedroom colorful for the new season. It's also a subtle pink that can work well with the other colors in your home.

This Cool Vase Will Spice Up Any Spring Bouquet

For all of the spring bouquets you plan on taking home, you'll want a cool vase to put them in. By the design alone, it's no wonder why people are loving this geometric glass vase from Etsy. Even without flowers in it, it will look cool on whatever table you decide to put it on.

You'll Be A Succa For This Ring Dish

Succulents are so in right now. They're super cute, and can also look really great displayed on a kitchen windowsill. But whether you have succulents in your home right now or not, one thing is for sure: This pretty succulent ring dish will be an elegant addition to your decor.

Bring In Some Flowers To Your Space That Are Always Blooming

A fresh bouquet of flowers is always a nice touch, but unfortunately, it doesn't last for long. Instead, opt for some silk flowers like this wedding bouquet that you can place in a vase on your dresser. It adds instant color to your space.

This Cat Planter Is Absolutely Purrfect

Out of all the items on this list, this one is probably my favorite. Any way you can combine cats and apartment decor, I am all in. Since you and I both know how much the internet loves cats, it's no surprise that this cat planter is so popular. My cat definitely wants me to buy her one, and I think I will.