A woman hangs up a Halloween banner in her home.
Etsy’s Halloween Trends Have Arrived & It's Time To Treat Yourself

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It's the most spooktacular time of the year, which means Etsy's 2020 Halloween trends are here. This year, your plans are looking a little different due to COVID-19, so Etsy has gathered the top trends to make this new way of celebrating All Hallows' Eve totally fun. From face masks to backyard decor, you can find pretty much everything you need to have a truly fangtastic time with your roommates, family, or partner at home.

If you're having a virtual party with your besties, you might want to base your costume around the finishing touches that'll really make your look pop on screen, such as hair accessories, jewelry, sparkly pins, or an eye mask. Are you celebrating in the backyard with your roomies or partner? If so, you'll need cute outdoor decor that will set the mood, and maybe even some cozy Halloween PJs to snuggle up in.

Whether you have intimate plans at home or just want to look spookin' for your virtual Halloween happy hour, Etsy has you covered. Just take a look at some of the below Etsy 2020 Halloween trends for inspo and see if anything speaks to your festive soul. Staying at home can be a creepy good and Insta-worthy time.

Costume Face Masks

Face masks aren't just essential, they can be super fashionable as well. Since you're planning on being festive and staying safe, get yourself a face mask that matches your costume. If you're going as Ariel, this rainbow scales mask was mermaid for you. There are even adorable lion masks to add to your cat lewk and a mummy mask you can wear all month long.

Cozy Halloween Pajamas

Staying in means you can prioritize comfort over everything. Instead of dressing up in an elaborate costume, take the chill route and rock festive Halloween PJs. With a pumpkin shirt like this one, staying indoors has never looked cuter. If you still want to wear a costume, make it a cozy one and get yourself a knit onesie like this Fantastic Mr. Fox one.

Top-Dressing Halloween Costume Accessories

Now that you're a Zoom pro, you know that it's all about how you present your lewk on screen. Since your friends will most likely only see the top half of your costume in your virtual Halloween party, you'll want to prioritize that with some creative top-dressing accessories.

These butterfly clips are perfect for a fairy princess look, and this horn headband is totally on point for your magical unicorn costume. There are also pumpkin earrings and ghostly enamel pins that can complete the look you're going for.

Halloween Backyard Decor

Go all-out decorating your backyard for an intimate outdoor gathering with your roomies. Get some personalized painted pumpkins and a wooden "Boo" sign for an Instagram backdrop. Place skeleton hands coming out of the ground around the yard, so it really looks like the undead is coming to the party as well. There's even great outdoor decor for your front door like a ghost welcome mat and gothic Halloween wreath.