Etsy's Halloween Costume Trends Are Here & Your Pup Will Pawsitively Shine

When thinking of Halloween costume ideas, inspiration can come from all sorts of places. You may be influenced by your favorite TV show or movie, and of course, you have the Internet as a go-to source that keeps you updated on the latest trends. For example, you know you can always turn to Etsy for the best kind of inspiration. With Etsy's 2019 Halloween costume trends, you know exactly what people are searching for and it may help you decide what you want to be this year.

The countdown to Halloween 2019 has officially begun, so it's time to get your spook on. Not only do you have to come up with a costume for yourself, but you may have a furry friend at home who needs something cool to rock to the pawty too.

Etsy is like an awesome friend who is always there to provide you with a variety of ideas. Out of all the suggestions Etsy has to offer for Halloween 2019, dog costumes, alien-themed costumes, and lion costumes take the win. If you're like me and need some assistance, you might want to consider putting any of these five products from Etsy into your shopping cart as soon as possible.

You'd Be Lion If You Said You Didn't Heart This Costume

According to Etsy's blog post, lion costume searches have recently increased. If you and your pooch are major fans of The Lion King, this adorable homemade lion's costume is perfect for your furry friend. You can twin with your dog by getting your very own lion beanie to wear too.

Go For An Alien Look That's Out Of This World

Sometimes you're never fully dressed without a touch of glitter to make your ensemble pop. Halloween is the time to go all out, so why not do a full face of glittery makeup? That's especially true if you're dressing up as an alien.

Aliens are making a comeback. If you already have a neon green or silver outfit prepared, take it up a notch by getting a glitter makeup kit like this one to do an alien-inspired look. Each kit includes three loose glitter pots in holographic silver, green, and regular silver.

Oh Ship Is This Pirate Hat Adorable For Your Pup

You're not just looking for a costume for yourself — you're also looking for a great one for your pup. I spend way more time thinking about a costume for my pet than myself. (Priorities, am I right?) If your dog is your first mate, you might want to consider getting them this adorable handmade pirate hat.

This Green Suit Is So Extraterrestrial

To complete your alien look this year, you need a green bodysuit like this one. Just prepare yourself for a fierce invasion, because the mesh and neon green combo is sure to make a statement at any party. All you need now is a spaceship to transport you from one Halloween party to the next.

This Unicorn Dog Costume Will Make You Believe In Magic

Your dog is one-of-a-kind, so dressing them up as a unicorn for Halloween makes perfect sense. Deciding on this costume for your pup may even inspire your costume. For instance, if your dog is a unicorn, you might want to go as a princess or fairy to fit with the magical theme. If your dog isn't much of the unicorn type, there are also homemade candy corn sweaters and cozy dinosaur costumes for your pup to choose from.