Emma Stone Made A MAJOR Hair Change For Her Latest Film & Looks So Different

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No matter what color Emma Stone dyes her hair, I'll always think of her as a redhead, as she's rocked the shade for the majority of her iconic roles, from Olive in Easy A to Mia in La La Land. That said, Emma Stone's bright red hair for her latest role is an amped-up version of her signature hue that I honestly never saw coming. It's so bold! When I first heard Stone would be playing the titular role in Disney's Cruella, I was all ready to see the starlette dawn a wig for de Vil's iconic black-and-white 'do, but it appears there will be more than one dramatic hair color in the film, and I'm all about the vibrant change.

While Stone isn't a natural redhead — I know, when I first found out I was shaken to my core! — she first hit the Hollywood scene with red tresses, which is why so many of her fans associate her with that hair color before any others. Of course, she's been blonde, brunette, and pretty much every shade in between by now, but at the end of the day, I stan redheaded Stone the most, although I was certainly willing to let her try something new when I heard she'd be playing Cruella de Vil. Bring on the black-and-white hair fantasy!

When Disney released the first promo image, I couldn't get over how incredible Stone looked as de Vil:

Prior to the movie's filming, Stone had recently returned to her signature orangey-red color:

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And before that, she'd tried a beautiful brunette, which I have to admit I loved:

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While I'm not Disney-savvy enough to predict Cruella de Vil's entire backstory, photos from the set depict a redheaded Stone during filming, so part of me is hoping de Vil was a redhead before going full black-and-white. Maybe her former strands inspired her signature red lipstick?? Talk about character development, people!

Stone's on-set red is much, much more fiery than her usual, more natural-looking red color:

J. Almasi / Contributor / Getty Images

The red strands (Are they a wig? Her own?) are cut into a shaggy lob with straight-across bangs:

J. Almasi / Contributor / Getty Images

Imagine being cute enough to pull this look off? I could never, but of course, Stone looks amazing. Fans haven't seen her with red hair this vibrant before, but I wonder if they'll demand it be her signature look from now on. That's how well she wears it!

While few saw Stone as an obvious choice to play Cruella de Vil, many fans are seriously pumped to see her looking the part:

As someone who spent her childhood watching 101 Dalmations on almost a weekly basis, I'm more than excited to finally find out Cruella de Vil's origin story, and I know Emma Stone will do a killer job with the role. Is it too early to buy pre-sale tickets? Can someone let me know when they're out? This is one movie I definitely do not want to miss.