Elsie Fisher Stunned On The Red Carpet In Her Signature Look — But It's Not A Dress

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Looking back at the style choices I made in my teens, I have no problem admitting many were questionable at best, so when I see young actresses positively slaying the red carpet at award shows, I’m always beyond impressed. My favorite to see this season has to be Elsie Fisher, as she’s already got her signature look down pat at only age 15 — yup, you read that right, this major trendsetter is younger than most of the books on my bookshelf. While she always slays, I’m willing to argue that Elsie Fisher’s 2019 Oscars suit might be one of her best ensembles to date, and the low-key yet absolutely gorgeous look has absolutely redefined cool-girl chic in my book.

In case you didn't know, Fisher almost always wears a suit to major events. While many female stars leap at the chance to rock a gown, Fisher can't get enough of a great trouser-and-jacket combo, and boy, does she ever pull it off. For tonight's Oscars red carpet, she showed up sporting the most casually-stunning of suits by designer Thom Browne, and I have never so badly wished for a black suit to magically appear in my closet.

Slay, girl, slay:

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Seriously, this look is too damn good. The three-piece set is trimmed with black piping for the ultimate all-black-everything monochrome look, and she's added a moment of embellishment. Is that a choker worn as a bowtie? Whatever it is, it's pure genius — and it pops against her crisp white blouse.

This look is a gift to us all, which is why I especially love this present-shaped handbag:

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I can't get over that big red and navy bow wrapping up the black croc-embossed square bag. BTW, do you see those black nails? This girl has the fashion sense my teen self could've only dreamed to have, much less to pull off.

And her nails weren't the only big beauty moment. Peep that graphic eyeliner lewk, honey:

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So. Much. Yes. Graphic eyeliner is so on trend for spring 2019, and Fisher is giving us the world's most perfect inspo, done by makeup artist Kristin Hilton. To finish off the eyes, Hilton treated Fisher to her first-ever experience with false lashes, using the Lashify B Gossamer Lashes ($20, to make sure her eyes looked and felt amazing. "I was worried that Elsie would think the lashes were too heavy, but she said she couldn’t feel them at all," said Hilton, per Lashify.

As for the rest of the beauty look, she kept it super low key, with matte skin and a nude lip, so that her funky liner and glam lashes could really pop. Her hair, styled by Brian Fisher, was chic in a sleek and straight lob, and featured two sparkly barrettes to hold it back. Barrettes are also a huge trend for spring 2019, so really, this look could not be more current.

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Fisher's stylist, Mary Inacio, has truly done it again, and has solidified Fisher's place in the Red Carpet Suits Hall of Fame, which isn't actually a thing, but really should be given how much this look slays. Here's hoping 23-year-old me can look half as good at my next formal event as 15-year-old Fisher looks, well, pretty much all the time, but especially tonight.