The Elite Season 4 cast.

'Elite's Season 4 Release Date Teaser Will Get You SO Hype


More juicy Las Encinas drama is finally heading your way. Netflix's Elite has given fans plenty of thrills and shocking surprises for the past three seasons, but there are some very big changes in store. Just look at Elite's Season 4 release date teaser, which introduces some brand-new cast members for you to obsess over.

Warning: Spoilers for Elite Season 3 follow. The Elite Season 3 finale showed just how different the series would be moving forward. Most of the main characters unexpectedly got happy endings, escaping the soapy murder mystery that usually dominated their lives. Carla (Ester Expósito) left to study abroad, Nadia (Mina El Hammani) and Lucrecia (Danna Paola) headed off to college in New York, and Polo (Álvaro Rico) was dead, making it clear future seasons would rely on a much different cast to continue the Elite story.

Thanks to a new Season 4 release date teaser (which reveals the season will hit Netflix on June 18, yay), fans have an official first look at the series' new actors: Manu Rios, Carla Darla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, and Pol Granch. Díaz, Cariddi, and Rios will play a powerful businessman's rebellious children, while Granch will portray an unnamed new classmate.

In classic Elite fashion, the new clip features the main cast strutting seductively around each other while a dramatic pop song plays in the background. Not much is known about the newcomers yet, but the reimagined series will certainly give fans the darkly steamy antics they've come to love.

Although Season 4 is bound to look different, that doesn't mean its cast will be entirely unfamiliar. At the end of Season 3, Sam (Itzan Escamilla), Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau), Rebeca (Claudia Salas), Ander (Arón Piper), and Omar (Omar Ayuso) were forced to repeat their senior year at Las Encinas, while Cayetana (Georgina Amorós) returned as the school's janitor. Because the characters have to stick around the school a while longer, it's likely the new characters will be students who are in their same (repeated) grade.


And Cateyana won't be the only threat to the students' happy endings. According to the official Netflix synopsis, a battle between veteran students and newcomers will lead to "a tragedy, a victim, and a perpetrator whose identity must be unveiled." And, bonus excitement: The show has already been renewed for Season 5, so fans can rest assured that the twists and turns of Las Encinas are here to stay.

Elite Season 4 hits Netflix on Friday, June 18.