Netflix revealed the new cast for 'Elite' Season 4.

Meet The New Faces Of Netflix's 'Elite' Season 4


Las Encinas is going to look a bit different when Elite returns for its fourth season, because there's a new crop of students prepared to rule the school. After Season 3's unexpected ending earlier this year, fans were a bit confused about how the soapy Spanish drama would keep things going. The predominant fan theory was the show would introduce new characters with their own twisted mystery, and Netflix revealed Elite Season 4's new cast members at long last on Monday, July 20.

Elite's official Twitter account confirmed the handful of original stars who will be returning for Season 4 along with four brand-new main cast members. As heavily hinted at in the Season 3 finale, Sam, Guzmán, Rebeca, Ander, Omar, and Cayetanna will all return for Season 4, and they'll be joined by four new characters played by Manu Rios, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, and Pol Granch. Netflix shared a couple photos of the new cast all posing together and with their new costars. The series has not yet revealed any details about the characters these new actors will be portraying, but since the returning characters are going to have to repeat their final year at Las Encinas, it's likely these new characters will be students who are also in the same grade.

The announcement also confirms a large chunk of the original Elite cast won't star in Season 4. This isn't a huge surprise given how Season 3 ended. Spoiler alert: The rest of this post includes spoilers from throughout Elite Season 3. At the end of the previous season, Nadia and Lucrecia headed off to New York thanks to their scholarships to Columbia University, while Carla also decided to study abroad and gave Valerio control of her family's wineries. Polo is also out of the picture, as it was revealed he was accidentally killed by Lucrecia.

Polo's death also meant the end of the central murder mystery that had kept Elite so twisty and dramatic for three seasons. Although Sam, Guzmán, Rebeca, Ander, and Omar were forced to repeat their final year at Las Encinas, fans were left wondering what new scandal could envelop them. The only dark cloud hovering over the otherwise happy ending was Cayetana, who was revealed to have returned to Las Encinas not as a student, but as the school's new janitor.

It looks like these new characters will be the ones introducing whatever new mysterious drama will be at the heart of Season 4, so get ready for them to shake things up. Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date for Elite Season 4, but it will likely drop sometime in 2021 barring any major production delays from the coronavirus pandemic.