Dunkin' Donuts Gave Their Treats A Spooky Makeover And You'll Love The New Selection

You'll scream (with delight, of course) when you get a load of all the Halloween sweets coming your way. Horror movie marathons are about to get even more exciting when you add some devilishly delicious snacks. Since Dunkin' Donuts Halloween selection came to be, you and your friends will be in for a ghoulishly good time in between scary scenes.

Not only do the newly named doughnuts sport a Halloween look — orange sprinkles, black icing, etc. — but even the names of the menu items are receiving the spooky treatment. The "Boston Scream" will feature your favorite chocolate icing (with added orange drizzle) with a creamy center. The "Witches Brew Berry" selection is all too tempting with its purple glaze. "Vampire's Delight" gives the jelly doughnut a taste of Dracula, and you will want to suck its berry blood. Even "Scary Strawberry" is adding pizzazz to its pink exterior with a mixture of black and orange sprinkles.

But perhaps the most exciting part of this news is the new "Spider Donut." What's that, you ask? It's a glazed doughnut with orange icing and itty bitty black spider legs. At the center of the treat, you'll find the spider. Eek! Just kidding — the itsy bitsy spider is actually just a munchkin, so you're getting a little bonus with your selection (and, though it goes without saying, it's adorable).


Another added bonus? Dunkin's philanthropic cause. Not only will customers receive Halloween in a box thanks to these bad boys, but the chain's Community Cups program is returning for its fifth year. Between bites of Witches Brew Berry and sips of pumpkin coffee, you'll have the opportunity to donate to the Joy In Childhood Foundation, which provides food and other services to children in need. It's the perfect way to celebrate this spooktacular time of year.

There's a lot of other reasons to get excited about Dunkin' this season. If you're in need of a little pumpkin break (after all, the flavor is everywhere) try the chain's new drink addition: Maple Pecan Coffee. Will this new option dethrone the fall-favorite fruit? Dunkin' allows coffee fanatics to have it warm, cold, and with a shot of espresso, so it looks like there is going to be a fight for the top spot. Don't forget to treat yourself to a Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich while you're at it. If you're going to go the bagel route and succumb to the power of the pumpkin, get the pumpkin cream cheese. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Now that you've figured out what treats to bring to your Halloween party, it's time to start thinking about the seriousness at hand: how you're going to dominate the costume contest. If you're anything like me, you love all-things Pennywise and you're ready to let your love for Stephen King show. Be the showstopper this year as the infamous child-eating clown by tackling one of these Pennywise costumes that your friends will think you stole from the set of It. Up the ante by adding Derry's creepiest resident to your nail art. It might be a bit time-consuming, but in the end, it'll be totally worth it. Of course, you'll float, too.

But Pennywise isn't the only option this year (even though I personally think he is the best). Take a look at some simple costumes if you're on a budget or grab bae and channel your favorite silver screen couple. If your party is going to get extra creepy by using a ouija board, definitely stock up on some doughnuts to munch on when you get nervous about interacting with spirits.

Happy Halloween!