These 'It' Pennywise Costumes Are Seriously Creepy And Perfect For Halloween

by Alison Segel
Warner Bros. Pictures

Did you know that It is the highest grossing horror film of all time? So there's no doubt that people everywhere will be clamoring for Pennywise costumes from It this year for Halloween. I can't think of a better thing to dress up as on the scariest night of the year than a child-eating clown who thrives on fear. This is an especially good costume if you plan on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters all night long. It definitely won't create any traumatic experiences for them.

Don't get me wrong, though. It's great for costume parties as well. Only one minor thing. My only problem with the new It is that Bill Skarsgård is incredibly hot, and I would hook up with him, clown or not. If he was hiding in a storm drain and said to me, "Hey, come down here for a good time," I would hurl myself down the gutter VERY fast. Maybe that's a personal problem regarding me being willing to risk my life and throw everything down the drain to date men who turn out to be clowns with bad intentions, but whatevs!

Anyway, sorry for getting off track. Here are some Pennywise costumes and accessories that are seriously creepy and perfect for Halloween. Enjoy.

1. It The Movie Adult Costume, $40-$131, Amazon


This is a truly classic Pennywise clown costume. But don't forget to BYOB (bring your own balloon).

2. Pennywise Cosplay Costume, $35-$229, Amazon


If you're a fan of the new, hot, fancy Pennywise, then this costume is the way to go. This is clown couture, handmade, and tailored to fit your body — hence the price. However, if you're passionate about clowns, planning on going to ComicCon, become a court jester, or go to a Victorian wedding any time soon, then it might be worth the splurge. I mean, it's kind of high fashion!

3. Pennywise Mask, $35, Amazon


No Pennywise costume is complete without a mask (unless you already look like that IRL, in which case... well, I'm sorry). Or if you don't want to wear a mask, you can always buy clown makeup, as well. And if you need a little guidance, here's a makeup tutorial:

4. Sexy Pennywise, $45-$85, Amazon


Want to dress up as It for Halloween, but you don't want any potential crushes to be freaked out by you? Then, how about... hot Pennywise? Because, you know, during Halloween, they make a sexy version of everything, including a child-eating clown.

This costume comes with a circus-inspired one-piece and hat that you can accessorize with heels to dress it up. Throw on some clown makeup or a mask to make it extra spooky.

5. Pennywise Clown Teeth, $30,

Don't forget: No Pennywise costume is complete without scary clown fangs, meant for eating children, of course. Just make sure you take them out before making out or fooling around with your crush. Believe me; I learned that the hard way when I was a vampire last year.

6. Ride A Clown Costume, $70, Walmart


Want to be one of the missing, floating children for Halloween and still incorporate Pennywise into your costume? Cruise into Halloween parties on this inflatable clown. I love costumes that involve some sort of optical illusion. They're a great ice breaker and a solid way to start a conversation with strangers.

So if you're planning on being Pennywise for Halloween, choose one of these costumes, and don't forget your balloon. We all float down here!

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