These Gorgeously Gory 'IT' Nails Are Perfect For Your Pennywise Halloween Costume

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Pennywise is definitely having a moment. Stephen King's frightening child-eating clown is making his way into black hearts and gloomy souls everywhere now that the 2017 adaptation of IT premiered in theaters. The metaphysical circus character who terrorizes Derry, Maine, made a triumphant return from the sewer and actually surpassed The Exorcist as the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Now that's saying something. In honor of His Creepiness, Pennywise nail art inspired by IT has emerged, just in time for Halloween.

If you're looking to make a trendy statement, this is definitely the way to go. It's gory and bloody, but chances are you have the reds and blacks needed to pull off the look — especially considering we've hit the fall season. It's certainly spine-tingling, yet it's also pretty subtle. If you have the patience to turn your fingers into mini masterpieces, I'm willing to bet Pennywise would suggest you float with him. If you can't beat his dead lights, might as well join 'em.

In the words of Stanley Uris,

When you're a kid, you think that you'll always be protected, and cared for. Then, one day, you realize that's not true. If you open your eyes, you will see what we're going through. 'Cause when you're alone as a kid, the monsters see you as weaker. You don't even know they're getting closer. Until it's too late.

Now that you're officially creeped out, let's have a look at the Pennywise nail art.

When you choose this beauty trend, you'll float, too.

Beep beep, Richie.

Pennywise goes nicely with that engagement ring.

Show your love for the Losers Club. Promise if IT comes back, you will, too.

Is it just me, or are these IT nails pretty darn adorable?

Pennywise and Georgie on one hand... not a good combo.

Let's make Stephen King proud.

As this fan-favorite villain continues to rise to popularity, naturally all Halloween ensembles are going to pay homage to His Creepiness. eBay comes equipped with masks and the grey clown suit donned by the new Pennywise, Bill Skarsgård. Clown makeup DIY is literally everywhere (much like Pennywise himself). If you're looking to show your love for the OG IT, aka Tim Curry, head to Party City for the '90s clown costume you love to hate. Remember this fella?

Though equally as creepy, the Tim Curry rendition of the 1986 novel provides a more comedic approach to the tale. Fast forward 31 years, and the new IT (Bill Skarsgård) is much more menacing. The 27-year-old actor even admitted to taking a different approach to the clown because he did not want to emulate the OG Pennywise. "I hope that people can consider both performances separately and appreciate them for what they are," the actor said, according to the New York Daily News.

While we're on the topic of the oh-so-lovely Skarsgård, I'd be remiss not mention that underneath that horrifying outfit, the new up-and-coming actor is pretty dreamy. Wipe away that red lipstick and take off that wig and I'd be more than willing to hang out in the sewer, Pennywise. Thanks for asking. Skarsgård certainly has that spookiness about him... a sexy spookiness.

While IT has taken over, there are certainly new and exciting adventures for horror fans to look forward to. King just released his new book with his son Owen titled Sleeping Beauties, a story of women who fall asleep in a cocoon-like gauze. Those who are disturbed become unnaturally violent. The story focuses on Eve, a woman who isn't susceptible to this phenomenon. With political undertones, Sleeping Beauties promises to be a creepy and timely read. And if you're desperately in need of round two of the Losers' Club adventures, the sequel for IT is slated for Sept. 6, 2019.

For those who have been inspired by Pennywise the Dancing Clown, meet me in 20 — we'll go get our nails done.

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