You're Not Living Your Best Life Until You've Tried "Drunk Yoga"

Finding your flow in a vinyasa class with wine seems like the perfect kind of paradise, am I right? Well, heaven on Earth truly does exist — and that, my friends, is called drunk yoga. Now that I have your undivided attention, I hate to break it to you, but you have not been living your best life until you've tried this boozy spin on your typical yoga class. I don't know about you, but the namast'ay sippin' rosé all day mentality speaks to my heart on a whole other level. If you want to channel your energy at a fun new hobby, signing up for drunk yoga classes in New York City with your gal pal is the way to go (if you're 21 and up, of course).

Focus the body and mind as you take a sip of merlot before perfecting your downward dog. Naturally, the two words "drunk yoga" are appealing AF to the senses, but don't sip on more than you can handle. Fully immerse yourself in the overall experience as you strip away stresses from the previous day or week. If you're located in or live close to New York City, wander down to the lower east side to yogi Eli Walker's Drunk Yoga class at The Grey Lady and Drexler's, and you won't be disappointed.

Elite Daily spoke with certified yoga instructor and founder of Divine Your Story Eli Walker about her trademarked Drunk Yoga class and the benefits it entails. She tells us,

By integrating yoga with wine, I'm highlighting the communal aspects of both through a soulful celebration of mindful movement for the purpose of cultivating happiness, and I believe that happiness is health.

It's the best kind of girls' outing after work, or the perfect transition into boozy brunch. You'll feel refreshed and in tuned as ever with your best girl pal trying to balance in tree pose right beside you.

If I haven't convinced you quite yet, here are four legitimate reasons why you should call up your BFF ASAP and get your sip on.

You're Doing Something Healthy And Wise At The Same Time
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It's pretty difficult to deny that wine yoga is a total timesaver, and there's nothing like killing two birds with one stone. You're getting a rejuvenating workout in with your main squeeze, while also doing one of the hobbies you love most in this world, getting your wine on.

The best part about this class is that it comes with the combined health benefits of wine and yoga. According to Walker, drinking wine moderately decreases stress, lessens your risk of developing heart disease, and reduces blood pressure. She tells Elite Daily,

Wine is also enjoyed best in community, and through community, we can uplift and support each other. Yoga does the same. Yoga has an endless number of health benefits, but my personal favorites are the physical, mental and emotional strength that it teaches, as well as a deeper sense of connection to myself and my relationship to the world around me.

Recharging after a stressful day at work is straight perfection with some vinyasa, gossip, and wine to keep you grounded. Sip on, my ladies.

Friends Who Wine Together, Stay Together

I feel like this gem deserves the number one spot in the Best Friends Handbook. If you're 21 and up, you know it's all too true that rosé always deserves an invite to girls' night. Wine is essential to bonding and catching up with your bestie.

And why is wine, specifically, the alcohol of choice for this drunk yoga class? Walker reveals to Elite Daily,

Wine is much healthier than most cocktails, and with wine, there is a sense of calm and sophistication that pairs more organically with yoga than, say, mojitos... Also, wine has a long history of being used in sacred and religious ceremonious traditions.

Those who wine together, stick together, and poppin' bottles feels so much better when you're with your other half. I'm sure she would say the same. For real though, is it wine o'clock yet?!

Because Everything Feels Pretty Damn Awesome In Yoga Pants

Roll out your mat, breathe in, breathe out, and take a sip.

There's nothing quite like slipping into a cozy AF pair of yoga pants. I'm sure you have several pair that perfectly coordinate with your sports bras, but only one truly fits the bill as being your fave. I'm sorry, but not all yoga pants are created equal.

Everything feels extremely chill and comfy when you're rocking your yoga pants. This especially includes sipping wine with your number one girl.

A True Friend Never Lets Her BFF Wine Alone, And That Includes Yoga Class

Even if you kind of, sort of, aren't the best at yoga, at least you know you'll be really awesome at another part of this class — and that's the drinking wine and having fun portion. Walker tells us that everyone — yogis and non-yogis — are welcome to join in on the positive community vibes. She says,

The idea here is to create an environment that is accessible to everyone (yogis and non-yogis alike), to come and relax, de-stress, have fun, and celebrate being alive in our bodies by playfully moving them amongst a positive, like-minded community. I keep the experience quite safe, and encourage my students to take care of themselves, as well.

Besides, your bestie will not let you whine, wine, or have fun alone. That just wouldn't be right! Looking out for and supporting each other (in addition to having one another's backs at all times) is what best friendships are for, after all.