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Download These Disney Trivia Apps To Show You Know More Than The "Bare Necessities"


When your crew goes to trivia night at your favorite spot, you're the go-to person for Disney questions. Whether it's about the movies or the parks, you're a true Disney connoisseur, and when you're not at the bar, Disney trivia apps for your phone are where you continue to flex those muscles. Let's face it, acing a quiz feels awesome. When the quiz is filled with questions you pride yourself on knowing, it feels even better.

You've seen almost every single Disney movie, and have obsessed about the parks for years. You know every line to every song from The Little Mermaid, and can name all the seven of the dwarfs without hesitation. You're the person everyone wants to go to Disneyland with, because you know the best IG spots, snacks everyone needs to try, and facts about the park's history.

Use that Disney knowledge on the daily by downloading any of these four Disney trivia apps for your phone. You might want to test your friend's knowledge by seeing who can get a higher score. A fun trivia game could even help pass the time as you're waiting in line. Whatever the case may be, with these Disney trivia apps, you'll be more than ready to slay the next time you go out for trivia night.

Play Disney Parks
Play Disney Parks/Disney

The Play Disney Parks app is great for anyone who's heading to the theme parks. It has interactive features that allow you to play games while you're waiting in line.

However, you don't have to be in the park in order to explore all the fun. You can still play games like "Disney Parks Trivia" and "Mickey & Minnie's Trivia Time" when you're chilling with your friends, family, or roomies at home.


An awesome way to stay connected with your friends when you're long-distance is through Houseparty. You can video chat with your entire squad all at once, and play some games together like trivia. There's even a Magical Kingdom deck that asks Disney-related questions. It'll be like you're at your favorite trivia night without having to leave your cozy couch.

Theme Park Trivia: Walt Disney World Edition
Rendered Mouse LLC

Perhaps Walt Disney World is your jam. If so, consider trying your hand at the Theme Park Trivia: Walt Disney World Edition app. It features different trivia packs, and the best part of all is that the app is free.

If you specifically want to test your knowledge on your favorite Disney World park, there's a pack for each one. The Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios packs all have 100 questions each, so soon enough, you'll be filled with random, cool facts like how many animatronics they have in "it's a small world."

Disneyland Trivia Trivilator

You know Disneyland like the back of your hand. You'd be a terrific tour guide, because you've got a wealth of Disney parks knowledge you can't wait to share. Put all that knowledge to good use by acing the Disneyland Trivia Trivilator. You can even play with up to 10 of your friends at the same time, and keep in touch with a live chat.