Trump's Christmas Card Apparently Came With An Impeachment Addition

by Lilli Petersen
Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The holiday season is officially in full swing no matter what you celebrate, and the White House has the accoutrement to prove it. On Dec. 18, the White House unveiled their annual holiday card for 2019, and apparently decided to add some supplemental materials this year. Donald Trump's 2019 Christmas card to members of Congress apparently was sent out in tandem with his wild letter protesting his impeachment. Merry Impeachmas, everyone?

The holiday season comes with an additional notable moment in 2019. On Wednesday, Dec. 18, the same day Trump sent out his annual holiday card, the House of Representatives voted to approve two articles of impeachment against Trump, making him the third president ever to be officially impeached. The White House did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on the vote, but Trump has previously characterized the impeachment proceedings against him as "invalid." Given the proximity to the winter holidays, many people joked that they were going to have a "happy Impeachmas" this year, and it seems like the connection may even have inspired Trump himself. According to tweets from members of Congress, the White House apparently sent out their annual Christmas card with a copy of the six-page letter Trump sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Dec. 17, in which he protested his impeachment and called the articles against him "disingenuous" and "preposterous." The White House confirmed to NBC News on Wednesday they had sent both the card and the letter, although the two were reportedly packaged separately. While there's no wrong way to celebrate the holidays, this was maybe a bit much.

The card itself was also apparently unusually oversized — an aesthetic touch which feels apropos considering the president's notorious obsession with size. Some people who received the cards even resorted to the ol' "banana-for-scale" trick.

One thing that wasn't surprising? The choice of phrase on the card, which read simply "Merry Christmas" and had the president and first lady Melania Trump's signatures. The president has been vocal about his support for phrasing like "Merry Christmas" rather than more neutral options like "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings," as previous presidents have done. At an event in May 2019, Trump suggested people had started saying "Merry Christmas" again and touted it as an achievement. "There was a time when we went shopping and you wouldn’t see ‘Merry Christmas’ on the stores, you’d see a red wall and it wouldn’t say that, it would say ‘Happy Holidays’ or something," he said. "We’re back to saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again in this country and that’s something I consider a great achievement because it really spells out what’s happening.” With all the holidays of the winter season, you can just slot "Impeachmas" in there with the rest.