You Can Get $477 Round-Trip Tickets To Valencia, Spain For An Affordable Beach Vacay

If you've been itching to go on a Euro trip, now is the perfect time to book tickets. Whether you want a vacay that focuses on beach time, amazing food, or museum-hopping, Valencia, Spain is the perfect destination for an immersive European getaway. And with Dollar Flight Club's May 23 deals to Valencia, Spain, you'll have a hard time passing up on this chance to book affordable tickets to the coastal Spanish city for an unforgettable vacation.

There are countless reasons to book Valencia, Spain for your next international trip. The city, situated on Spain's southeastern coast, is known for its parks, food, coastline, and museums. You can visit the City of Arts and Sciences for futuristic architecture and one-of-a-kind exhibits, and then you can make your way to the Central Market of Valencia, a restored public market with hundreds of stalls. If you want to spend your day outdoors, you can visit the Valencia Bioparc, which features wilderness habitats with animals and unique, regional flora. If your ideal day is relaxing on the beach, Valencia has plenty of opportunity for that too, with several beaches to pick from along the coast. Plus, Valencia is the general area where the Spanish rice dish, paella, was invented, so if authentic paella isn't enough of a reason to visit the city, I don't know what is.

If this Spanish city sounds like a dream, but round-trip airfare usually goes for about $1,000, per Dollar Flight Club. Luckily, you can book affordable tickets from U.S. and Canadian cities as part of Dollar Flight Club's May 23 deal. If you're flying out of Chicago, Illinois, round-trip tickets are as low as $500. People on the West Coast can book a roundtrip out of Los Angeles, California for for under $570 or out of San Francisco, California for under $700. East Coast dwellers can book a roundtrip out of West Palm Beach, Florida for around $450. Just up the coast, travelers out of New York, New York can snag a $477 round-trip ticket; and travelers leaving Washington, D.C. can get a $630 roundtrip. If you're in Canada, round-trip tickets from Montreal to Valencia are just around $600. The cheapest dates to travel from these cities to Valencia are between the beginning of November to early December, so pay attention to when your city's cheapest flights depart.

Keep in mind that prices are accurate as of publication, and they will likely go up within 24 hours, as per a DFC email detailing the deal. The DFC website also notes that fares can be gone in a few hours or minutes, so if you want to save big on a trip to Valencia, book as fast as you're able to. According to the email, the standard fare for trips from North America to Valencia hover around $975, meaning travelers are saving almost $500 in some cases.

If a flight to Valencia, Spain isn't in the cards for you at the moment, don't worry because Dollar Flight Club consistently has amazing deals that can save travelers hundreds of dollars on various international destinations. Recent deals have included discounted travel to Naples, Italy; an adventure to Ecuador; and cheap tickets to Portugal, so keep your eyes peeled, your dream trip might just be the next deal.