Trump Loves McDonald's So Much He Asked The White House Kitchen To Make This Menu Item

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President Donald Trump's lifestyle — where he lives, where he travels and with whom he does business — is unlike most Americans, safe to say. The president's eating habits, however, are a whole different story. Not only does Trump eat fast food, but he apparently likes McDonald's so much that the White House kitchen had been asked to cook actual items from the restaurant's menu.

Among those items was a specific request: "a quarter-pounder with cheese (no pickles, extra ketchup) and a fried apple pie."

That is a detail hidden in a recent report from Politico, which detailed the former duties of Keith Schiller, Trump's long-time bodyguard — and head of security at Trump Tower — who worked at the White House up until September.

Schilller, Politico says, was somewhat of a point person for Trump. That meant that the bodyguard knew what mood the president was in, how to share news with him and, yes, what the president wanted from McDonald's.

So when the White House kitchen wasn't able to fulfill a request to make McD-like food, it was Schiller, the report says, who would make a run for the president to the McDonald's on New York Avenue (a street right outside of the White House).

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Trump's Love For Fast Food

That Trump's affection for fast food translated into an actual request to the White House kitchen may be new news. That the affection exists at all, however, is well-founded.

While Trump was running during the 2016 Republican primaries, CNN's Anderson Cooper asked the then GOP candidate about what he likes to order from McDonald's.

Trump then began to rattle of a few apparent favorites.

"That fish delight, sometimes, right? The Big Macs are great. The Quarter Pounder. It’s great stuff," Trump said during a February 2016 televised town hall special. "I think all of those of those places — Burger King, McDonald's — I can live with them. The other night I had Kentucky Fried Chicken, not the worst thing in the world."

Oh, and Trump wasn't saying that last bit just to be funny. There is indeed photo evidence of him enjoying a literal bucket of chicken on a plane while he was campaigning during the general election.

Trump shared the photo himself on Twitter (which then prompted jokes after people noticed him eating with utensils).

The Trump-With-Fast-Food-On-A-Plane photo was something of a fixture for the GOP candidate while he was on the campaign trail. There was, of course, that time he posted a photo of himself eating McDonald's.

Then there was a much more memorable instance, which featured Trump marking Cinco De Mayo by posting a picture that showed him eating a Taco Bowl.

He added a caption, too: "I love Hispanics!"

Trump's Other Eating Habits

Much has been reported about what the president eats and drinks, even beyond his appreciation for fast food. In April, for instance, The Financial Times' Demetri Sevastoplo reported that Trump's desk in the oval office features a red button that the president uses to order a diet coke.

"Everyone does get a little nervous when I press that button," Trump reported said.

That's about the only thing that's worth noting when it comes to what Trump drinks, because the president doesn't drink at all. Alcohol, that is.

That decision is down to the president's late brother, who died in the 80s after a life that featured alcoholism.

In terms of actual eating habits, though, there's one other that stands out and is probably the most controversial. When it was reported that Trump orders his steaks well done (with ketchup) the news prompted a whole different type of criticism than presidents are used to getting, that didn't even have to do anything with politics (because of course society loves marginalizing people who order meat well done).

As for Trump's love for McDonald's, that's a much more relatable tendency.