Taco Bell's Latest Nacho Fries Offering Won't Last Forever, So Eat Up While You Can

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Like any sensible human being, you most likely have a very special place in your heart dedicated to solely Taco Bell's Nacho Fries. The warm, crunchy morsels have been a staple for those who like to "live más" since its initial debut back in January 2018. And since the delectable side dish was recently re-released earlier this year, you are probably wondering: Does Taco Bell still have Nacho Fries? The answer is yes, but proceed with caution, because you will want to grab them as soon as possible — while you still can.

I was beyond elated when Nacho Fries made a triumphant return to Taco Bell menus nationwide earlier this year in January 2019. However, it brings me great sadness to inform all of you that they are not — in fact — a permanent menu item. That's right, y'all — according to Taco Bell, you will only be able to get these babies at select restaurants across the country through early April 2019.

Before you go, though, make sure to call ahead to confirm that your local participating Taco Bell locations are still selling them. According to Taco Bell, they are only available while supplies last. And although these cheesy delicacies tend to come and go, they will hopefully be back again. I can already feel it.

If you haven't already given Nacho Fries a taste, you've seriously been missing out on a mind-blowing experience. Taco Bell's Nacho Fries are incredibly crispy, they're smothered in bold Mexican seasoning, and they're served with a warm side of Nacho Cheese sauce in a small cup to avoid sogginess. You can get them on their own for a $1.29, Supreme for $2.49, or Bell Grande for $3.49, which include add-ons like beef, pico de gallo, nacho cheese, and sour cream. Honestly, that sounds like a total win in my book.

Taco Bell

Once you eat your way through too many portions of Nacho Fries to count, definitely make a point to try Taco Bell's new Rattlesnake Fries. This spankin' new dish features a delectable base of seasoned, crispy fries, which are topped with juicy, marinated steak as well as gooey nacho cheese sauce. Then, all of that is drizzled in creamy jalapeño sauce and, of course, a hefty helping of spicy jalapeños. So if you can handle the heat, I say go for it, but if not, I'd say stick to the Nacho Fries, sans the spice.

OK, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty relieved that Nacho Fries are back right now. However, I'm making sure I don't get too comfortable. It brings me utmost sadness that the snack-sized dish is only around for a few more weeks through the beginning of April, and will only be around as long as supplies last. And even though my heart yearns for a lifetime supply, I have to believe in my heart of hearts that the Nacho Fries won't be gone for too long. They always end up finding their way back into my life (and my stomach).