Starbucks Happy Hours Work At Target, To Make Shopping Trips A Little More Fun

Stephen Chernin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Hey y'all, correct me if I'm wrong, but one of the (very few) fabulous things that came out of 2018 was — hands down — Starbucks' Happy Hour for their coffee-based beverages. I don't know about you, but in my personal opinion, there is truly nothing better than being able to buy yourself a discounted drink every Thursday at the very end of the work day. And if you, too, are always down for an outrageously inexpensive coffee deal, you may be wondering if Starbucks' Happy Hour works at Target... and as your local coffee expert, I am here to help.

Well, my java-lovin' friends, I have some unbelievably fantastic news for each and every one of you. If your closest Starbucks location happens to be located inside of Target, or if you're simply getting some shopping done at the beloved department store on a Thursday afternoon, you're in luck. Starbucks Happy Hours are — in fact — accepted at the Target Starbucks kiosks, according to a Starbucks representative. Yep, you heard that loud and clear — you won't have to let that 3 p.m. slump stop you from browsing all of the clothing, home necessities, and electronics in the world. So, grab that coffee for cheap as can be, and continue shopping the day away. You know as well as I do that you totally deserve it.

WOW everybody, you have absolutely no idea how excited I am about this glorious piece of Starbies-related news. I don't know about you, but being able to redeem Starbucks Happy Hours at Target might seriously be on of the greatest things I hear all year long. Very few things in life can surpass the delectably powerful combination of discounted coffee drinks and the treasure trove that is Target, in my personal opinion, and therefore, I truly could not be happier.

If you haven't already taken advantage of every single Starbucks Happy Hour event thus far, you've been missing out, like, big time. One of the easiest ways to get on Starbucks' (not actually) exclusive Happy Hour list is by simply becoming a Starbucks Rewards member. Once you do, you will get a notification through your Starbucks app every time there is a Happy Hour available (which is basically every Thursday), and then the offer will automatically load onto your phone. When you want to redeem the offer, just tell the barista you want to to redeem your coupon, and they will do so. It's practically easy as pie.

If you (somehow) weren't able to tell, I'm a total coffee fanatic, so in my world, Starbucks Happy Hours are straight-up sacred. The fact that they're officially accepted at Target Starbucks locations has seriously made my day 10 times brighter. You'd better believe I'll be taking advantage of this, like, every single Thursday afternoon, and to be completely real with all of you, my shopping excursions just got a whole lot better (and clearly way more caffeinated). Cheers, and happy (discounted) sipping!