Saturn Retrograde May Cause Tension Between You & Your Bestie, So Here's How To Cope

by Georgina Berbari

If I had to guess, you're probably familiar with the phrase, "what goes around comes around." But what you might not know is that that's pretty much going to be the theme for the next five months while Saturn is in retrograde. From now until Sept. 9, you might notice that Saturn retrograde is affecting your friendships in some strange and potentially stressful ways. There's no need to freak out about it, but let's just say you should probably be prepared to talk some things out between you and your bestie.

Though there's no solid evidence that Saturn's shenanigans will definitely take a toll on your friendships, astrologers have interpreted this planet's retrograde as something that is likely to dredge things up from the past, which might cause a bit of tension within some of your closest relationships. According to Bustle, Saturn is referred to as the "Lord of Karma," so if you've done anything even mildly questionable to wrong your BFFs as of late — even if it wasn't intentional — Saturn is, indeed, about to serve you, girl.

Think about it this way: Saturn is basically a kind of father figure that wants to make sure every area of your life is in tip-top shape: finances, work, and yes, even your friendships.

With Saturn in retrograde, it's basically an opportunity for you to consider how you can do better by the people you love most in your life.

I know that might sound really daunting at first, but hear me out: Instead of allowing any past issues within your friendships to bubble up during this retrograde and cause loads of tension, let this be a time to reflect, renew, rebuild, and restore your connections with the people closest to you. It's too easy to sit there and dread the fact that Saturn might stir up some questionable and awkward things going on between you and your BFF. If karma's going to come back around (and doesn't it always?) sometime between now and September, think of this as a chance to make your friendships stronger than ever, to sift through any and all of the BS that's been marinating beneath the surface for far too long.

For example, maybe you were out at a bar recently, and your bestie's ex started flirting with you. You didn't have a clue how to handle the situation, so you didn't exactly tell him off in the moment, and now you're feeling super guilty over the fact that you might have been a bit too friendly in the exchange. According to, whether you're ready to hash things out or not, Saturn rules over boundaries and limitations, meaning it may be kind of inevitable that this topic is going to come up in conversation between you and your BFF pretty soon. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a huge blowout of a fight, or that your friendship is totally doomed. But it does mean you'll both have to be brave and mature enough to face the confrontation head-on.

Saturn is also said to be a planet that rules over respect, and that should definitely be at the front of your mind when it comes to mending any rifts in your friendships.

Initially, you might feel super guilty if you realize you're not putting in enough work in your friendships by not spending quality time with your bestie, or failing to be there when she's needed a shoulder to lean on. If that's the case, you don't have to beat yourself up for your mistakes, or get caught up in the stress that comes with that tension. Rather, focus on that theme of respect, and consider the ways in which you can, and want to respect your BFF. Think about how you can be there for her moving forward, and how you can restore your connection and make things right (and how she can work with you to return the favor!).

Look, even if you think you've been a total angel in your friendships, and that you haven't done anything remotely sketchy lately, this retrograde is about recognizing the fact that we're all human, and therefore we all make mistakes. This is an opportunity to own up to all those mistakes and practice some healthy self-reflection, in the name of making your most-cherished relationships that much stronger.

Bottom line: Saturn's truly got you and your BFF's best interests at heart, and that's something worth celebrating.