Cardi B Revealed The Weirdest Part Of Her Pregnancy So Far & It Sounds So Freaky

by Julia Guerra
David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Twitter

When you imagine what it's like to be pregnant, do you picture things like morning sickness, or wobbling a 20-pound stomach to the bathroom every five seconds to pee? Pregnancy involves a whole slew of weird physical symptoms, like random food cravings and unshakable fatigue, but have you ever considered the ways in which pregnancy affects you mentally? Think about it: Your hormones are doing all kinds of somersaults behind the scenes, so it’s likely you’ll feel super emotional, for one thing. And if your mind is going through all these different changes, can pregnancy cause weird dreams as a result? It might sound random, but according to some of her recent tweets, rapper Cardi B's been experiencing some interesting dreams throughout her own pregnancy, and experts have confirmed that when a little human is growing inside you, the entire process can, indeed, mess with your dreams in a big way.

You know how you might experience horrible cramps during your period, but your best friend might feel little to no pain at all during hers? Pregnancy is more or less just like that: 100 percent individual and unique. You might crave scrambled eggs and pickles seven months in, while your sister lives off root beer and peanut butter sandwiches for nine months. Or, according to the American Pregnancy Association, you might have wild dreams waking you up in the middle of the night like Cardi B, while other women may sleep soundly despite their baby tossing and turning around their insides. It all depends on how your body and your hormones cope with the development of your unborn child.

Cardi B recently opened up about the weird pregnancy dreams she's been having, and her tweets about them are kind of hilarious.

Rumors about Cardi B’s pregnancy were circulating months before the 25-year-old made her official pregnancy announcement on SNL in early April. Now that the secret's out, Cardi’s been nothing but candid about the details of her pregnancy, using her social media accounts to keep fans informed about all things Baby B, including personal details like the dreams she's been having. On May 5, the performer opened up about a series of odd dreams she’s been having lately, and it's pretty clear that bedtime is hardly this mommy-to-be's favorite part of pregnancy.

Personally, I already experience vivid, weird dreams on the reg, and I'm not even pregnant, so I can only imagine what that's going to be like one day. Then again, it really shouldn’t come as a total shock that something like your thoughts, conscious or not, can get a little funky during something like pregnancy, in which your entire body — mind and soul included — is affected.

Vivid dreams, nightmares, and even anxiety-induced visions are all perfectly normal during pregnancy, so Cardi B's dreams may not be as weird as they seem.

Think of it this way: Your hormones have a way of making things super weird during your period, right? Pregnancy is kind of like your menstrual cycle on steroids (minus the bleeding), and according to the American Pregnancy Association, where there’s a bun in the oven, there’s a frenzy of hormones, an imbalance of comfort levels, and disrupted sleep patterns that involve waking up in the middle of the night, as well as — you guessed it — interesting dreams.

In addition to your hormones running wild, What To Expect reports anxiety levels can spike during pregnancy, too. After all, you're about to become responsible for another human life, so it sort of makes sense, you know? It's beautiful, sure, but it can also be really overwhelming, and when your anxiety levels are high, your brain starts to process everything a bit differently. Picture dreams as the wheels of a car, with anxiety as the pair of hands steering: Your nervous thoughts are basically telling your mind what to display when you sleep, the Calm Clinic reports, so your brain then tries to make sense of everything in the form of dreams. And sometimes, those dreams will simply turn out to be weird as hell.

As for the vivid sex dreams that Cardi mentioned in a response to a sympathetic fan on Twitter, those aren't that abnormal during pregnancy, either.

You might think housing an actual human inside your uterus for the better part of a year might be a buzzkill when it comes to romance, but according to Parents, pregnancy might actually enhance your libido. In an advice column for the publication, Holly Robinson of American Baby Magazine wrote,

Extra blood flow to your genitals, raised estrogen levels that increase vaginal secretions, and sensitive, enlarged breasts mean your sex drive may be raging. The result? Your pregnancy dreams may reflect your joys and fears about your body in some unexpectedly lusty ways.

Sure, pregnancy doesn't exactly sound sexy, but you're experiencing first-hand just how strong the female body really is, and that's a powerful thing in and of itself. When it comes down to it, though, dreams are just that: dreams. They don't necessarily have to mean anything one way or the other.

However, if these dreams start to bother you long after you've woken up and gotten on with your day, you might want to try jotting down everything you can remember when you wake up, and go from there. Dreams may or not mean anything significant, but this simple exercise might help put things into perspective, at the very least.

For now, we're wishing you nothing but health, happiness, and sweet dreams, Cardi! We can't wait to meet your little munchkin!