'A Double Shot At Love' Fans Are All Asking The Same Question About Nikki


Jersey Shore fans are just days away from finding out whether or not Paul D and Vinny have found new love on their dating series Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, and the competition has narrowed down to only the few frontrunners for the guidos' hearts. One of the prime candidates to win the series is Nikki Hall, who entered the house as the one to beat on day one and has retained that momentum up until the end. So, does Nikki win Double Shot at Love or are fans in for a twist ending when Pauly D and Vinny make their final choices?

As fans prepare for the big finale of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, the contestant who definitely seems to have the best chance at winning is Nikki. In the season premiere, Nikki made a strong first impression of all the girls, immediately grabbing the attention of both Pauly D and Vinny. As one of the only contestants to elicit interest from both guidos, Nikki had her pick of which guy to pursue as the show continued, and grew much closer to Pauly D for the bulk of the series. She was the first contestant to kiss Pauly, and her connection with him became apparent to everyone in the house from the beginning. But while this connection was great for her chances with Pauly D, it made her a huge target among the other contestants.

Nikki quickly became public enemy number one in the house, as drama developed between her and many of the other girls. That all came to a head in a particularly pointed challenge in which the contestants had to vote for superlatives. Nikki wound up winning the insulting categories — most jealous and thirstiest — and broke down in tears as the other contestants accused her of manipulating the situation in order to win sympathy from Pauly D.

Despite taking on the always-necessary villain role for the show, Nikki still seems to be the frontrunner to win Pauly D's heart in the upcoming season finale. The only issue that seemed to come up in the teaser clip for the next new episode is Nikki revealing that Pauly knows her more than anyone ever has... which seems to be coming on a bit too strong for Paul's tastes. Still, there is no denying the connection between Nikki and Pauly is probably the strongest in the house.

With only five contestants left in the house, Nikki looks like the top choice for Pauly D, above Derryn, Elle, Alysse, and Maria. On Vinny's side of things, the choice seems less clear, but he does seem to be closest with Maria, whom he had an instant connection with on day one. Of course, the next big question after who wins the show is whether the relationships that Pauly D and Vinny have developed in the series will carry over into real life or not... and if we will be seeing the winners on some future season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.