Does Mercury In Retrograde Affect Your Mood? 7 Ways To Stay Calm Despite The Madness

Every time Mercury goes into retrograde, I feel like the consequences get a significantly worse. Like, that little demon planet runs the damn show about four times a year, yet each retrograde has me feeling exponentially more anxious, unstable, and out of balance than the last. If you feel me on a spiritual level, you're probably wondering, does Mercury in retrograde affect your mood? Seriously, we all need some answers ASAP.

It's said that when Mercury goes into retrograde, it affects your subconscious thoughts, and your rational, logical mind becomes "less available to you." Ah, isn't that just swell?

This is exactly why, during this short period of time (that legitimately feels like a lifetime, though), it's advised that you avoid making big decisions like booking a flight, entering into a contract, or accepting a brand new job.

Oh, and don't even get me started with the effects on your sleep schedule. This manipulative little planet literally interferes with all of your blissful shut-eye, and it's a full-blown recipe for fatigue and crankiness until Mercury decides to stop being a little bitch.

But you don't have to sit idly by as Mercury f*cks up your entire life and makes you a living, breathing ball of stress. The next time retrograde mood swings are taking reign, try these seven anxiety-busting methods that will help you stay cool as a cucumber until the planet goes back to its normal self.

1. Try A Few Minutes Of Meditation


A few short minutes of meditation during times that have you feeling totally off has been shown to lower cortisol levels (aka the hormone released when you're stressed AF).

Incorporating a daily meditation practice during the current retrograde will help maintain your sanity and ground you through all the cosmic chaos. Plus, if you keep meditating even after Mercury stops wreaking havoc, you'll realize how extensively the ancient practice benefits your brain, and you'll probably be way more emotionally prepared come the next retrograde.

2. Breathe Through The Stress


Breathing might seem like a no-brainer, considering we all do it 24/7, but yogic breathing exercises (otherwise known as "pranayama" techniques) are an incredible way to center yourself and control mood swings.

When Mercury's got you feeling whacky, try practicing techniques such as ujjayi breath, nadi shodhana pranayama, or sitali breathing. These will all calm the chatter in your mind, and quell your anxiety in no time.

3. Squeeze In A Soothing Yoga Flow


Practicing physical yoga asanas is a great way to get your body moving, relax your muscles, and maybe even work up a little sweat.

The power of a grounding and soothing flow will help stabilize your mood during this turbulent time. Roll out your mat, and try flowing through postures like goddess pose and tree pose.

4. Burn Some Sage Or Palo Santo


Personally, I think that a nice bundle of sage, or a quality stick of palo santo is pretty much essential during every retrograde.

Lighting a stick of palo santo and allowing the incense to envelop you is incredibly grounding and cleansing. And burning sage is said to bring out inner clarity and wisdom, while simultaneously destroying any negative energy that surrounds you.

Everyone needs all the good vibes they can get during the dreaded #retroshade, amirite?

5. Take A Warm Shower Or Bath


Each time Mercury goes into retrograde, there are increased reports of strange dreams, sleep deprivation, and even sleep-walking. The struggle to slumber soundly is so real, my friends.

Winding down before bed with a warm bubble bath or a steamy shower will help your body relax and ward off any weird occurrences that might take place during those p.m. hours.

6. Make A Cup Of Chamomile Tea


Whether Mercury itself is causing your sleeplessness, or your increased stress levels are leading to your lack of shut-eye (but I guess the latter is second-handedly Mercury's fault anyway), chamomile tea is here to rescue you.

A warm mug of this herbal goodness can help reduce anxiety, calm your body and mind, and even soothe your muscles. Brew baby, brew.

7. Unplug And Unwind


When your moods feel less stable than a chair with two legs, turning your phone on airplane mode and taking some extra time to unwind before bed will be extremely beneficial.

Trust me, scrolling through reports of weird-ass things that have happened to people during past retrogrades is not going to do you any good, no matter how good the stories are (definitely not speaking from personal experience or anything).

Anyway, 15 more days, people. We can do this.