Fans Are All Asking 1 Question After Hannah & Jed's Emotional Fantasy Suite Date

ABC/John Fleenor

Usually contestants are pretty happy to be a part of Fantasy Suite Week on The Bachelorette. It means that they've made it pretty far in the season and they get to to travel to a beautiful, exotic locale. But, Jed didn't have the usual reaction to his Fantasy Suite date with Hannah. Instead, Jed was still more preoccupied with the ongoing Luke P. feud than any romance with Hannah. A lot of Jed and Hannah's Greek date was overshadowed by Jed's anger over Luke P., but it led to some big emotional breakthroughs that seemed to bring the two of them even closer. It left fans wondering, does Hannah pick Jed?

Last week's episode of The Bachelorette ended with Hannah making the unprecedented decision to send four men the Fantasy Suite dates with her. But, even though he ended the week with a rose, Jed wasn't entirely happy about it. While Tyler C. and Peter received roses right away, Hannah was torn between Jed and Luke P. as the recipient of her Final Rose. Chris Harrison ended up swooping in to provide Hannah with a rose for each of them, but Jed was insulted that Hannah needed to decide between him and Luke P. Jed said:

[Luke P.'s] been a constant toxin through every bit of this. And to feel like a tossup between him and me now- I don't know, dude. [I'm] unsure about all this.

Jed brought some of those same questions with him to Crete, Greece. But first, they went on a date to a family gathering, which was complete with dancing, food, and even "the Greek Viagra." But during the date, a conversation about finding true love pushed Jed to have a private talk with Hannah.

Jed took Hannah to the side and told Hannah that he needed more clarity about Hannah's feelings for Luke P. Jed said, "I don't understand how you can be as amazing as you are and you can consider someone like him."

Hannah explained that said she had strong connection with Luke P. from the beginning and she continued to have a good feeling about him. It put a button on their conversation, but Jed was left still feeling upset.

That night, Hannah thanked Jed for being honest with her and letting her know that he cares. But, Jed was still upset and told Hannah that he was worried she has a hard time letting go of things that aren't good for her – in other words, Luke. He also said that those worries do make him question his feelings, which made Hannah really frustrated. In fact, she needed to take a break from their dinner and went for a walk while saying that she was sick of having to explain her feelings for Luke P.

Things seemed pretty bad for Hannah and Jed, until Jed comforted her during her walk. Jed and Hannah returned to their dinner, and Jed assured her that his concerns come from a place of love. They talked through Jed's concerns and both of them seemed to feel like the conversation brought them even closer. Hannah invited Jed to spend the night with her in the Fantasy Suite, and both of them agreed that their relationship had grown. In fact, Jed said that now he was confident that he and Hannah could make it through anything together. Could that mean that Jed is the one for Hannah? Things are looking good for the musician.

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues with "Men Tell All" on Monday, July 22 at 8 PM E.T. on ABC.