These Two Zodiac Signs May Not Work Well Together, So Here's How To Smooth Things Over


It can be hard to predict whether or not you're going to get along with someone in a working environment, simply because there are so many factors to consider. Well, if you're anything like me — aka a big fan of astrology — when you go into any new job or creative partnership, you always look up how your zodiac sign mixes with that of your new collaborator for some hints as to how to things might play out. So, if you happen to be wondering how an Aquarius gets along with a Cancer in the workplace, you're in luck, because I'm about to unpack the crap out of this particular duo.

First of all, I have to warn you that, according to, the work compatibility between these two signs doesn't exactly call for smooth sailing, since their career goals appear to be quite different from one another. While a Cancer appears to seek a career that's emotionally fulfilling, that really helps others on a human-to-human level, an Aquarius seems to be more concerned with the abstract, the ideas and visions, and solving intellectual problems.

To get a little deeper, let's look into the personality traits commonly associated with an Aquarius.

An Aquarius, according to, is typically "progressive, original, independent, and humanitarian," but this sign is also sometimes known for avoiding emotional expression, and can be both "uncompromising" and "temperamental." They are good listeners, though, and according to AstroStyle, Aquarius peeps are sometimes rebellious, and can even come off as a bit aloof in some circumstances.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas has written about how to love an Aquarius, which could offer equally valuable insight into how to generally get along with this sign, as well. Nicholas described how to love this particular air sign,

Love their ability to care more about getting something straight rather than pandering to the feelings of those that others would try to assuage.

The astrologer added,

Nothing impresses this sign save for the ability to think for oneself. Not swayed by public opinion, able to see past the fears that most humans let their thinking get bound up in, Aquarius aims for the truth.

As for a Cancer, it's all about the emotions, much unlike the traits commonly associated with Aquarius.

Cancers are described as sentimental, deep, intuitive people, who can also get a little manipulative if things don't go their way. If an Aquarius is moving full speed ahead on a project, you better believe a Cancer might be talking to the boss about why it's not going to work, you know what I mean?

Chani Nicholas wrote about loving a Cancer,

If you love a Cancer, you will never go for long without an ample dose of feeling. An extra side of emotion. A cup that runneth over with the tears that were shed as a morning ritual.

Sure, all that emotion can get a little tricky in a professional environment or in creative collaboration, but it can also be really helpful when you just have to straight-up hash things out. After an Aquarius and a Cancer have a little blow-out over the mix-up in a big presentation, it will likely be the Cancer who extends the hand and offers to hug it out.

So, does this mean you're screwed before you even start if you're about to embark on a work project that involves these two signs?

Of course not! It just means you might have to enter the situation with a little bit of caution, especially if these descriptions feel accurate in terms of yours and the other person's personality traits. When you really open your eyes to the intricacies of other people's personalities, you can learn how to appreciate them better, you know what I mean? And yeah, that goes for your relationship with yourself, too!

Let it be known, of course, that nothing is written in stone when it comes to the accuracy of your zodiac sign; it's just written in the stars (see what I did there?). But really, these things are more of a guideline, so don't lose sleep over it, you feel me?