This Trainer Works With Victoria's Secret Models & Here's Why He Wants You To Lift Weights

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every year, the badass, beautiful Victoria's Secret models take on the runway and look freaking amazing while doing so. Inevitably, right around the premiere of the show, the internet becomes flooded with searches related to the Angels' workout routines. And, let's be honest, if you always make it a point to watch the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show yourself, you've probably caught yourself wondering whether the Victoria's Secret models lift weights as part of their preparation for the runway.

After all, not only do those gorgeous models always have that radiant glow to them, they also look pretty freaking strong while they're strutting it out on the catwalk. So I know I personally can't help but wonder if they go to the gym to pick things up and put them down on the reg.

According to Ben Bruno, a trainer for Victoria's Secret model Barbara Fialho, strength training is a huge part of many of the Angels' workout routines. In an interview with SELF, he explained that 70 percent of Fialho's workouts consist of "strength-based circuits" and weights, while only about 30 percent of her time is dedicated to cardio.

Honestly, bless up. Finally, the days of spending a boring hour on the "dreadmill" are quickly vanishing, and the benefits of a strong and functional body that you feel absolutely amazing in are moving to the forefront.

Bruno told SELF that his training motto is based on the idea that strength training is "the entree," while cardio is the "side dish" of a whole workout regimen.

Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing at all wrong with cardio if that's your jam. It's incredible for your heart, metabolism, healthy hormones, and so much more. But if you're begrudgingly doing it just because you feel like you "should," then Bruno's training philosophy should be a nice little invitation to wander over toward the dumbbells when you're at the gym.

In the past, many women have strayed away from weightlifting because of silly societal standards and the fear that it would make them look too "bulky." Luckily, though, times are (finally) changing, and the weightlifting revolution is swiftly taking reign to help ladies everywhere feel empowered AF.

Real talk: If you still find yourself hesitating to pick up a dumbbell, it's actually pretty hard to look "too" muscular, unless you're putting in a ton of work and really making sure to eat a surplus of the correct nutrients. When you see those athletes and body-builders who do boast those impressive muscles, just know that they're incredibly dedicated to looking that way, and have been for years.

So, no, picking up a single 10-pound weight yourself will not make you wake up looking the Incredible Hulk the next morning. It will, however, provide some awesome benefits for your body that are simply too good to ignore.

No matter what your fitness goals are, lifting weights will benefit you both physically and mentally.

From boosting your mood and reducing symptoms of depression, to making it easier to do everyday activities (like grocery shopping or catching the subway) because of the newfound body awareness that comes with lifting weights, strength training can absolutely benefit so many aspects of your life.

And if you honestly have no idea where to start, and low-key feel pretty intimidated by getting outside of your cardio comfort zone, you're not alone. Rest assured, there are so many ways to start out slow.

For example, you could enroll in a guided strength training class like Barry's Bootcamp, or you could hop online and browse the literal millions of YouTube tutorials detailing simple bodyweight exercises. Or, if you're down for the challenge, you could even give CrossFit a try.

Whether you're looking to train like a Victoria's Secret angel, or you simply want to train like your own badass, powerful self, the verdict is in: Head on over to the weight room, girl.