Here's Why You Might See More Action On Dating Apps During The Super Bowl

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If you're a single person who's planning on attending the Super Bowl or if you happen to live in this year's Super Bowl host city — Minneapolis, Minnesota — then you may be in for some seriously epic dating app action. If the past is any indication, then it's pretty easy to guess that dating apps during the Super Bowl are probably going to be lit.

It's no surprise that major sporting events bring with them many opportunities to mix and mingle, so it only makes sense that some dating apps see a notable surge in activity thanks to the huge influx of out of town visitors and new people looking for a quick, fun experience. According to the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee, it's expected that the big game will bring almost one million people from nearby areas and out of town into the city for the game and associated events. And odds are, a good chunk of those people are on at least one, if not several, dating apps.

And let me tell you: The numbers don't lie folks. A Tinder rep told The Hollywood Reporter that, for the 2015 Super Bowl, in the days leading up to game day, rates of swiping were up by a staggering 50 percent in the areas surrounding Phoenix, where the Super Bowl was taking place that year. As if those stats aren't impressive enough in their own right, the ball was also finally in the ladies' court when it came to the male-female ratio on the app. According to Tinder, on the Friday before the 2015 game, there were around 66 percent men and 34 percent women on the app. If this pattern repeats for the Super Bowl game in Minneapolis this year, it looks like the fellas may need to up their game if they're hoping to connect with some of Minneapolis' lovely ladies.

But wait! The good news just keeps on coming. Anyone who's ever spent even a smidgen of time perusing a dating app knows that swiping and getting matches is the easy part. The hard part is actually striking up a good convo with someone. Chances are, though, this may not be much of a problem during the Super Bowl. Using Phoenix as an example again, actual messaging on Tinder was up by a whopping 60 percent, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now, of course, there's no way to know if this spike in activity actually translated to more IRL meetings than normal, but hey, more people on the app clearly meant more conversations. And who knows what a good conversation on a dating app could lead to? If anything, if you're in the Minneapolis area, at least you know pickings probably won't be slim.

The Super Bowl isn't the only major sporting event that results in a huge spike in dating app action. According to Mirror, the infamous Grindr crash that occurred just before the 2012 Olympics in London was one of the first situations where the amount of singles looking to mingle had actually reached unsustainable proportions.

So what does this mean if you'll be in or near Minneapolis leading up to and during the big game this Sunday? Well, unlike at the Olympics, it's probably safe to assume there won't be people specifically hired to distribute condoms to the masses. But the odds of you finding someone to have a fun experience with are looking good nonetheless.

Plus, I can't think of a better incentive to finally revamp you dating app profile with a few new pics and a sports-themed bio if you want to go the extra mile. Now, the real question is, will dating apps be able to support this amount of eligible singles in one place?

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