4 Football-Inspired Sex Moves You Can Convince Your Sports-Loving Partner To Try

With Super Bowl Wunday just a week away, it is of the utmost importance that you start thinking about all of the football-inspired ways to score with your bae. Although I can't pretend to know very much about this popular American past-time, I do know that any excuse to spice things up in the sack is definitely something worth considering. If you ask me, sports are sexy in a testosterone-fueled, competitive kind of way. And if you thought that there weren't very many Super Bowl-inspired sex positions out there, then you are sadly mistaken — there are plenty.

If your bae is a sports fan, then there's a pretty big chance that you are going to be the last thing they are concerned about come Sunday. But if you're willing to get on their level then a post-game victory (or defeat) bang could definitely be on the agenda. And while all those beers and greasy snacks you downed will likely still be sloshing around inside you both, a beer baby is never something to be ashamed of. If you're feeling inspired and want to go all out, going to bed in nothing but the jersey of their favorite player has got to count for something. Here are four sex positions that will definitely turn-up the heat on game day.

1. The Bench

While getting benched in football isn't the best, sitting on your partner like they're a bench is way more fun. This position requires the giver to be seated on the edge of a bed or chair with the receiver seated or kneeling on their lap facing away from them. The best part about this position is that the giver's hand are free to roam over the receiver's erogenous zones while the receiver is in full control of speed and depth.

2. The Field Goal

Scoring a goal is pretty much equally fun whether you're on or off the field. To master this spicy position, the receiver lies on their back with their legs spread into a V and perpendicular to the rest of their body, while the giver is on their knees.

3. The Fumble

Because female pleasure needs to become a top priority, why not take the opportunity to #reclaim some of your pleasure time and have your partner focus on getting you off? Manual stimulation as the main entrée is so underrated if you ask me. For this position, get in whatever position is most comfortable for you and let your partner get to work kissing and caressing all of your most sensitive spots. Instead of rushing to your classic go-to main event, don't be afraid to take as much time as you want enjoying being the center of their attention. You deserve it.

4. The Tight End

Take a hint from all those players hiking the ball by bending and squeezing your way to bliss. This variation on traditional doggy-style calls for the receiver to assume the same position as always, this the added twist of crossing their ankles. This simple modification to the usual, adds a tighter grip with all of the same perks.

Don't let this fun opportunity to get scandalous with your bae after the game slip away — adding a sexy twist to pretty much anything is almost guaranteed to be fun. Not to mention after hours of watching sexy athletes slamming their bodies against each other, it's not one bit unreasonable to do some body slamming of your own.

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