Giannina & Damian's 'Love Is Blind' wedding

Raise Your Hand If Giannina & Damian's 'Love Is Blind' Wedding Has You Stressed


Yes, hello? I'd like to report a crime. Love Is Blind committed the heinous act of leaving fans on a major cliffhanger at the end of Episode 9, and all anyone can do right now is wonder whether Giannina and Damian get married on Love Is Blind, or if their chaotic relationship will end at the altar. Warning: Spoilers through Season 1, Episode 9 of Love Is Blind follow.

The penultimate episode ended literally right before an extremely emotional Damian Powers was either going to say "I do" or "I don't" to marrying Giannina "Gigi" Gibelli, and considering all they have gone through together, it could really go either way. The couple got a bit of a later start on the show — at least for viewers — since they debuted in Episode 2, titled "Will You Marry Me?" This means fans were introduced to these two and saw them get engaged all in one episode. If that felt off-putting to anyone else, things were only going to get more uncomfortable from there.

Giannina and Damian are intensely emotional in their own ways, as evidenced by their engagement story. For his proposal, Damian told Gigi he put together a box of things that are important to him... which turned out to be empty because, he told her, "besides my brother and my family, you have now become the most important thing in my life, and I cannot put you in that box." He also took the bow that was going to go on the box and put it on himself instead, "because I am your gift," he explained to her. Not one to be upstaged, Gigi then turned it around and proposed to him, saying "I see you as my equal, and I'm just as strong as you."


Their dramatic proposal pretty much set the tone for their relationship since leaving the pods. In Mexico, it became clear they weren't really on the same page on a lot of topics, including their first night together, when Damian wanted to eat dessert and Gigi wanted to be dessert. Not long after, while laying out on a boat in paradise, their differing communication styles resulted in their first fight.

They made up while still in Mexico, but the fighting continued when they moved in together and got back to reality. Things got especially dicey in Episode 7, when Giannina revealed she wasn't sexually satisfied by Damian, and then they found out Damian's parents weren't willing to meet his betrothed. Later, audiences learned the couple doesn't see eye-to-eye politically, and it seems like that could be a big problem, at least to Damian and his family.

Of course, there have also been plenty of moments that have given Gigi-Damian stans hope. For instance, though they've fought intensely and often, they've always sat down and talked through their issues, reiterating how committed they are to one anther. Plus, they did make it all the way to the altar in Episode 9, so that's got to count for something, right?

If you need me, I'll be waiting patiently until the final episode of Love Is Blind drops on Netflix on Thursday, Feb. 27 to see if Damian is shedding tears of joy — or sorrow.