Dixie Said She's Losing Her "Passion For Everything" & Fans Are Worried

Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

It's been a tough year for everyone, and Dixie D'Amelio is getting candid about losing steam. The eldest of the D'Amelio sisters posted a tweet on Dec. 2 that was a cause for alarm with fans, and they're now penning messages of support for the TikTok star. After Dixie D'Amelio tweeted about losing her "passion for everything," fans are high-key concerned.

D'Amelio shared multiple messages about how she's been feeling off lately. "I literally can't be excited about ANYTHING LOL," she wrote in the first post. "I'm just tryna have fun. I love music and photoshoots, but I"m losing a passion for everything," she said in her follow-up tweet.

D'Amelio has since deleted the tweets, but not before TikTokRoom picked them up. Once fans caught wind of the messages, they took to Twitter with their concerns.

"Dixie I’m so sorry :( I love you and I hope you never lose the passion of signing," one fan tweeted.

Another reminded fellow fans that their words have power. "Y'all just gonna drive dixie away from doing what she loves the most and when she’s sick of it and has lost her passion then yall pipe up and stick up for her when it’s already too late," they tweeted. "No one every thinks before they speak when it comes to these influencers & their feelings."

You can see the messages that have D'Amelio's fans so concerned below.

Among the concern, there were lots of words of love.

"Dixie I love you from the bottom of my heart plss keep smiling. WE LOVE YOUU," one fan tweeted.

Many fans let her know they're "proud" of her.

The tweets come just on the heels of her Dec. 2 digital cover story for V magazine, where she opened up about her mental health.

"I haven't even opened up about my personal mental health struggles yet, which I want to do and that's what I might do with my debut project," she shared. "My ultimate goal with music going forward is to definitely share my struggles with mental health, how I deal with it, how I move past it, and how I work with it every day."

She also revealed she looks up to Billie Eilish and the way she candidly talks about mental health. "I think a huge [influence] is Billie Eilish. She's so young, she's family-oriented and she’s transparent about mental health. So she's been a huge influence for me recently. I also have people who I've listened to growing up like yourself and other people I've worked with, that have influenced my taste in music."

The internet can be a vicious place, but among the chaos, many of D'Amelio's fans have her back all the way.