Dixie Followed In Charli's Footsteps & Dyed Her Hair Blue, Y'all


TikTok is chock full of the freshest new hair trends, and the D'Amelio sisters usually have their pulse on what's up next. Dixie D'Amelio's new blue hair is no different, following right in Charli's footsteps and gracing her followers with a new 'do that has stans everywhere stocking up on Manic Panic.

Dixie took to Twitter on Dec. 13 to debut her new look, complete with matching blue lipliner and a glittery makeup look straight out of Euphoria. The deep royal blue dye looks great on her naturally dark locks, and fans immediately swarmed the replies to let her know just how hard she slayed. "I’m literally gonna cry you're an actual goddess," one user replied, despite Dixie's follow-up tweet that she looked "crooked" in the selfie. Even the official account for Oreo cookies responded, assuring her she looked amazing.

Her sister Charli rocked a blue-tinted hairdo back in September, but has since switched it back to her natural brown hair color. She only opted for some strands of blue, though, and it seems like Dixie really committed to the dye job; it appears most of her hair is now blue in the photo posted to Twitter. There is a chance the dye is just temporary, but the positive comments from fans only reinforce that she should stick with the fierce new look.

The new dye job reminded some fans of other blue-haired celebrity titans, like Halsey, who rocked the look during the rollout for her debut album, Badlands, in 2015. Halsey's hair was much more teal-tinted, however, and Dixie's look is the classic Hot Topic blue hair dye color that we all know and love from the scene-kid days of yesteryear. It's still unclear why Dixie decided to switch up her look, since she hasn't experimented with colored hair as much as Charli has, but the new hairdo is already getting people talking on TikTok.

Some have yet to see the star's new look, since her TikTok account was hacked on Dec. 13 and wiped by unknown hackers. She has since restored the account to its original form, but her followers were concerned for a hot second. Thank goodness, now, none of them will miss out on seeing the new 'do.