These Sparkly Purple Minnie Mouse Ears From Disney Are Seriously So Pretty

Disney Parks

Disney is knocking it out of the park with this gorgeous new pair of Minnie Mouse ears. The world-renowned theme park just launched a slew of new purple products (and treats) for fans to enjoy, but none have piqued my interest as much as Disney's Purple Potion Headband. Full disclosure: I'm a Disney fan. I'm not a super obsessed fanatic, but I do have several pairs of mouse ear headbands. What I don't have is Disney's Purple Potion Headband. As soon as I'm done writing, you know I'll be getting a pair for myself. Here's what you need to know about when and how to get a pair just for you.

The magical headband is covered in purple sequins for the most gorgeous pair of mouse ears that I've ever personally seen. No pair of mouse ears would be complete without Minnie's signature bow. So, of course, the designers at Disney made sure to add in a blue and an "iridescent purple satin Minnie bow" at the top of the headband for an extra special touch, according to the product listing on the Shop Disney website.

According to Disney Parks, you can find the Purple Potion Headband at both Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. That's a win-win for anyone planning an upcoming trip to Disney since you can get them on both coasts. If you don't live in California or Florida, that's OK. It seems like Disney Parks figured this particular set of mouse ears would be in high demand because you can buy a pair online on the Shop Disney website for $27.99.

Disney Parks

Oh, and you are probably going to want this matching purple sequin backpack to go with your Purple Potion Headband. The Loungefly Potion Purple Mini Backpack even features its own pair of 3D purple Minnie Mouse ears at the top of the bag. The backpack will set you back $90, but it's so worth it, IMO.

The Purple Potion Headband, as well as the mini backpack, are a part of Disney Parks Potion Purple Collection. Aside from the simply stunning goods, you can find an array of purple sweet treats. There are more than a few to choose from, but the Purple Churros and the African Violet Cupcake are at the top of my list of foods to try.

Disney Parks

Sure, those Rose Gold Mouse Ears are cool, too. But purple is really having a moment right now and I love that Disney is getting in on the fun. Sadly, my Disney annual pass is set to expire at the beginning of February. I actually took one last trip to Hollywood Studios and Epcot last weekend, and I didn't know about the Purple Potion Collection then. Ugh. For this reason, I'm already trying to squeeze in one more at Disney before my pass is up. Honestly, everything from the Purple Potion Collection was made to be Instagrammed. My Feed could use a little extra purple glam. BRB, I'm off to track down absolutely everything from this gorgeous line.