These Purple Churros From Disney Are Covered In Shimmering Sugar For A Pretty Snack

Courtesy of Disney Parks

The color purple is having a moment right now. Disney Parks is jumping on the trend to bring you some of the prettiest purple-colored treats that I've ever seen. Included in the line up are Disney's new Purple Churros. The fried pieces of deliciousness are coated in purple sugar crystals that shimmer in the light. If you've been off your Instagram game lately, these Purple Churros from Disney are the boost your Feed needs. Here's where you can find Disney's New Purple Churros for a magical bite.

Disney Parks recently launched a line of Potion Purple items. To accompany the gorgeous array of purple-color products, the theme park is also whipping up several new purple-inspired treats. The Purple Churro is available at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. You can't get these Purple Churros at any food stand inside of Disneyland Park, though. To track down this gorgeous snack, you need to go right to the source. Head on over to the Disneyland Park's Critter Country area. That's where you can find Purple Churros.

Don't be fooled by the purple color because Disney's new Purple Churros still taste like the real deal. When I first saw them, I thought maybe they would taste like grape or another purple fruit or candy. Nope. According to Disney Parks, the Purple Churros are filled with that familiar cinnamon sugar flavor that you know and love from a regular order of churros. The kicker? These churros have a healthy and fun dusting of purple sugar for a pretty pop of color. Just make sure to grab a few napkins because this treat looks a tad messy.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Now that you know where to get the Purple Churros and what the treat tastes like, you might be wondering, "How much does Disney's Purple Churros cost?" According to Disney Parks, an order of Purple Churros will cost you $5.89. An order includes several churro sticks, so you can snack on one while you snap a few pictures of the sparkly sticks for the 'Gram. That price point is pretty on par with other specialty churro flavors that Disney has released in the past. For example, Disney's Pineapple Churros, which were released in May 2018, were sold for $5.25 an order.

Also included in the gorgeous line of purple treats is this amazingly-crafted African Violet Cupcake. The vanilla cupcake is made with a berry medley preserves and is topped with chocolate buttercream, according to Disney Parks. Yum. It almost looks too pretty to eat. Truth be told, I wouldn't let looks keep me from taking a bite of this sweet treat. Although, I'll certainly admire it in all of its glory before I indulge myself. This one is available at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida.

Disney Parks

There are several other treats to note, but can I just take a minute to marvel at how incredible this Purple Glove Macaron is? Seriously, it looks like a top-notch pastry. The exterior of the glove is made with blackberry and currant buttercream for a shiny purple coat. The inside of the Purple Glove Macaron is filled with a delightfully flavorful blackberry and currant jam, according to Disney Parks.

Hats off to the bakers and pastry chefs at Disney Parks, because these purple treats are off the charts.