Disney's New Cupcake Is Even Prettier Than A Princess With This Violet Decoration

Disney Parks

Leave it to Disney to dream up a beautiful line of purple treats and products. The new collection stuns with purple sequin mouse ears, churros covered in purple sugar, and other impressive new items. But none stand out quite as much to me as Disney Parks’ African Violet Cupcake. The sweet treat exudes some serious springtime vibes, but it is not available at every Disney location. Here's where you can get the artisan cupcake.

According to Disney Parks, the stunning African Violet Cupcake is only available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida. More specifically, the cupcake can be purchased from The Mara, which is located inside of the hotel. The Mara is a fast-casual cafe within Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge that sells American bites with an African flair. I can't seem to find a price for this cupcake, but I'm willing to pay whatever it costs. It's worth noting that all of The Mara's menu items are $14.99 or less, according to the eatery's menu.

OK, there's no denying that the African Violet Cupcake is one of the most gorgeous treats out there right now, but what about the taste? The cupcake features a vanilla batter with berry medley preserves. Yum. Berries remind me think of spring and this cupcake delivers on those fresh, seasonal tastes. The gorgeous purple flowers and small green leaves are diligently made with chocolate buttercream for an over-the-top cupcake. Seriously, this cupcake is trying really hard to make me think about something other than the cold weather outside.

Disney Parks

OK, I'd be remiss if I didn't take a few sentences to acknowledge just how beautiful this cupcake is. From the treat's shiny chocolate buttercream flowers to the very real looking green leaves, Disney Parks' African Violet Cupcake leaves no detail behind. The purple flowers have a eye-catching shimmery shine on each leaf, just like a real African Violet flowers. I mean, just look at the exquisite design elements of the cupcake. It's so, so pretty. The bottom of the cupcake is wrapped with a tan, plaid liner that reminds me of a picnic table cloth. (Again, with the springtime influences. I'm for it.)

The African Violet Cupcake is a part of a larger collection that Disney Parks just launched like the Purple Blackberry Mousse Brownie. This decadent dessert brownie is stopped with purple Mickey Mouse ears and blackberry mousse, according to Disney Parks. It's available at the Roaring Fork, located within Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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Or this Purple Glove Macaron, which features blackberry and currant buttercream. It's filled with a blackberry-currant jam (sort of like a jelly doughnut). You can find this one at Disneyland Park's Jolly Holiday Bakery Café or Disney California Adventure Park at Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream and the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café.

To go with all of your purple foods, you're going to need to outfit yourself with some magical purple gear from Disney. No trip to Disney would be complete without a pair of Mouse Ears like this Purple Potion Headband with a shiny, purple Minnie Mouse bow. Or this matching Loungefly Potion Purple Mini Backpack that is covered in sleek and sparkly purple sequins with Minnie Mouse ears.

Disney Parks

The African Violet Cupcake and other purple treats, as well as the Purple Potion products, are available until further notice, according to Disney Parks. I think a trip to Disney is in order.