Diptyque Just Dropped The Cutest V-Day Collection, Because Candles Are Better Than Flowers & Chocolates

Courtesy of Diptyque

For reasons I can't explain but wholeheartedly stand by, nothing says "I love you" more than a fantastic candle. Candles evoke both cozy vibes and mood lighting, so no stay-at-home date is complete without lighting a few. That said, Diptyque's New Roses Valentine's Day 2019 Collection is chock full of must-haves for you and your Valentine to enjoy — and if you are your own Valentine, then guess what? More for you! These babies are as prettily packaged as they are pleasantly scented, so skip the chocolates and flowers and pick up a candle this year instead.

When you think about it, it's kind of funny that the aforementioned goodies have become staples of Valentine's Day gift-giving. Chocolates are quickly eaten and gone for good, and flowers die in a matter of days...Not exactly the symbolism you want for your supposed everlasting love, now is it? A good candle lasts forever, or at least it can feel that way, especially when they're as high quality as Dipyque's and can be burned again and again. The brand's classic, minimalist packaging is already beautiful, but to celebrate the season of love, they've created colorful, limited-edition versions of new candles, iconic fragrances, and more for their Roses Collection. The vessels and packaging were designed by French illustrator Jeanne Detallante, and they couldn't be more romantic.

First up, of course, are the candles. Holy beautiful:

Courtesy of Diptyque

What I wouldn't give for a gorgeous flatlay on my Instagram with these two candles. Both are totally new, limited-edition scents, and in true Valentine's Day fashion, they're both inspired by roses. The blue Centifolia Candle ($72, is described by the brand as "delicate, green, and lightly peppery," while the bright pink Damascaena Candle ($72, is considered to be "intense, voluptuous, and velvety." Can't choose? Not only are they both available in two different sizes, but they're also sold together in a Small Candles Set ($76,, and can be lit at the same time to create a more complete, "multifaceted" rose sent, in the brand's own words. One for you, one for your partner, better together — the Roses Collection is seriously Valentine's Day goals.

If you love the idea of giving scents, but you live in fear of lighting candles (I have fire-fearing friends who are exclusively into room sprays and diffusers, so I understand), there are other options in the Roses Collection that might be a better fit. As a self-professed lingerie junkie, I'd kill for a set of the Roses Scented Drawer Liners ($65,, and could wear my slightly scented pieces along with a few spritzes of the brand's best-selling fragrance, the Eau Rose Eau De Toilette ($65,, which will be available in packaging bearing the Roses Collection designs.

Really looking to be decked out in roses? Don't worry, there's more. Along with quite a few other bits and baubles, there's a tempting Eau Rose Hair Mist ($52, as well as a Rose-Infused Face Oil ($70, that looks downright lovely, don't you think? These are far more luxe than a vase of flowers.

You can shop the entire Roses Collection on the Diptyque website now, and you would be smart to do so soon before I buy it all up and you're left without a gift for your Valentine. You heard it here first: Rose-scented candles and fragrances are the new rose bouqets for 2019, and Diptyque's are the most beautiful by a long shot.