Here's What You Need To Know About That 'Big Little Lies' Cliffhanger

Merie W. Wallace/HBO

Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Big Little Lies follow. Well, it happened. Season 2 of Big Little Lies has ended, as have much of the dramatic conflicts that drove the series. While the finale wrapped up a ton of the major plot points (Celeste triumphed over Mary Louise for custody of her kids; Renata left her good-for-nothing husband), it still brought up a few big questions. Now, as fans attempt to process the end of the episode, they are left to wonder: Did the Monterey Five confess on Big Little Lies? Let's be honest, that ending was a little too open-ended for many fans' liking.

For a show that supposedly isn't getting a third season, the July 21 episode certainly set it up for one. On the surface, the final five minutes of the finale seemed to neatly wrap up each of the Monterey Five's storylines in a tidy little bow. Renata was shown snuggling with her daughter Amabella after epically blowing up at her husband Gordon; Madeline and Ed renewed their vows in a sweet ceremony; Celeste played with her sons and Ziggy while Jane spent romantic time with Corey. And then there was Bonnie.

Merie W. Wallace/HBO

Arguably the most mysterious of the bunch, Bonnie had an interesting arc in Season 2. Most of her time was spent at the hospital, where her mother was in a coma following a stroke. During Bonnie's visits with her mother, viewers learned of their strained relationship, and at times, audiences were even led to believe that Bonnie might kill her mom. All the while, Bonnie visibly struggled with the big lie of the season: she was the one who pushed Perry to his death, and the rest of the Monterey Five covered for her.

Bonnie had already confessed to her unconscious mother about the Perry incident in a previous episode, and in the finale, she also told her mom she loved her, which was apparently an even harder truth to face than the fact that she killed a man. Soon after the heart-to-heart, Bonnie's mom woke up from her coma, and then died very shortly after. In the quick succession of events — which made some viewers question whether Bonnie did kill her mother after all — Bonnie also confessed to her husband Nathan that she was not in love with him. Apparently, Bonnie was done with lies.

In the wrap-up montage — which was set to a very mood-appropriate “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” cover by Willie and Paula Nelson — Bonnie appeared to text the rest of the Monterey Five something, but the actual contents of the message was not shown. Next thing audiences knew, Bonnie, Celeste, Madeline, Jane, and Renata were all standing outside the police station, and the final shot of the season shows the five of them walking in together.

Many fans took this to mean Bonnie was going to confess to pushing Perry, and when she told the others her plan, they all showed up to own up to their parts in the incident as well.

However, after all the hoops these women jumped through to cover up their lie, and all the drama they endured to clean up their personal lives (including Madeline promising not to lie to Ed and Celeste finally securing custody of her children), some viewers are not convinced they would confess.

Could there be another reason for the women to go to the police? Could Bonnie have something else to own up to (cough, maybe-possibly killing her mom)? And if they did all confess, what kind of consequences would this mean for them?

The folks behind Big Little Lies have led fans to believe the series would end with Season 2, though considering the show's original party line that it would only have one season, it's not totally out there to hope for a third. But if this truly was the end of the show, viewers will just have to imagine their own endings for the Monterey Five.