Demi Lovato Reveals Which 'Camp Rock' Scene Made Her Actually Fall For Joe Jonas

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Anyone up for a walk down Demi Lovato memory lane? Uh... yes, please! Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas dated back in the day and Lovato has now pinpointed the exact moment she totally fell for the Jo Bro. That’s right, let’s kick it all the way back to Camp Rock.

Obviously, in the Disney Channel movie, Lovato’s character, Mitchie, and Jonas’ character, Shane, fall madly in love with each other, but the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer can actually point to the moment that she started crushing on him in real life.

With Lovato’s new documentary Simply Complicated coming to YouTube soon, she took a moment to look at her past with some friends in a video called Demi Watches Demi. First up, check out Lovato in the 2000 Texas State Cinderella beauty pageant. She’s surprisingly not dying from embarrassment, but hey, she looks ridiculously cute with all those classic pageant moves. This girl was obviously destined for greatness.

Next up, Camp Rock. Yes, the nostalgia is real and for Lovato it held a little something extra — falling in love with her co-star. Her friend Matthew Scott asks, “Did you have a crush on him this whole time?”

Lovato responds, “Oh, yeah,” pointing to the scene where she fell hard, noting, “Oh my god wait, this moment I freakin’ fell in love with him. In real life!” Can you see those sparks?

When her friend noted how good at acting she was, Lovato said, “Thanks, I wasn’t acting much.” Cute.

Lovato also explained “we had our first kiss on camera.” They watch another scene, chanting “kiss, kiss, kiss!” and when they finally watch the Camp Rock 2 kissing scene, it all comes flooding back for the singer, as she gushes, “Aww! That was our first kiss.”

Here's her reaction to their first kiss:

How cute are she and Jonas way back when? Let's not forget this 2009 tweet, though:

If you recall, they went on to date for a month in 2010 after Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam was released.

As for Lovato’s final thoughts on what she watched, she’s all good with it, saying, “I love my past. I’m proud."

The video brought back some major Camp Rock feels for so many fans, with plenty of reactions on Twitter.

One fan noted: “Who can blame demi for falling in love with Joe Jonas though am I right or am I right.” Solid point.

Another added: “Demi said that she fell in love with joe omgggg.”

This is totally the best plan ever: “demi and joe should react to camp rock together.”

Hmm. Another fan noted: “Demi is never gonna get over that thing joe said about them dating for a month.” I don’t know, that seems like ancient history now.

This fan was ready to dig a little deeper, tweeting: “Since demi had a big crush on joe, I wonder what other of her songs are about him?”

Let’s relive this moment, shall we: “Demi said she fell in love with Joe here & just remember thinking the first time I saw this scene that I was so jealous of Mitchie!”

Show of hands, who also crushed on Jonas at this moment: “Demi fell in love with Joe when she heard him sing 'Gotta Find You' SAME GIRL SAME.”

This sums it up pretty well: “Demi reacting to her first kiss with Joe is something I didn’t know I needed to see.”

OK, now I want to hear from Jonas. Did he totally fall for Lovato at the same moment?

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