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Uh, Bennett Is Still Out Here Shooting His Shot With Kelley

by Candice Jalili
Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Um. Not to alarm you but did Bennett Jordan send Kelley Flanagan flowers?! It sure looks like he did. On April 4, Flanagan posted a bouquet of peach-colored flowers to her Instagram Story. "Wonder who these are from," she wrote alongside a crying-laughing emoji.

She also included a shot of the extremely Jordan-ish card that came along with the mystery bouquet. "While I'm no expert on flowers," her mystery suitor began, "a quick Google told me peach roses symbolize sincerity, genuineness, and authenticity, and peach cloony ranuculus symbolizes radiant charm and beauty or simply means 'I have a crush on you.'" Before signing off as "your not so secret admirer," he also dropped a heart emoiji and added, "I hope you and your family enjoy the 'peaches' Happy Easter."

Jordan all but confirmed the special delivery was from him when he posted a video of himself dancing to Justin Bieber's "Peaches"... while dressed in a peach-colored suit... the same day Flanagan posted the peach-colored flowers. Subtle!

On the off chance the peach theme was lost on anyone, he made things extra clear by writing:

In my absence from Georgia this Easter, I thought it was only appropriate to give loved ones “Peaches” from New York. 🍑🗽
Instagram/Kelley Flanagan
Instagram/Kelley Flanagan

There's also the fact that Jordan has already made it abundantly clear that he has a crush on Flanagan. On March 24, he posted a video of himself playing with his hair as Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" played in the background. The video was an obvious ode to a video Flanagan had posted to her profile earlier featuring herself playing with her hair to the same song after a new haircut.

Jordan is pretty clearly sprung on Flanagan, who announced her split from Peter Weber back in January. But the feeling might not be mutual. During a March 16 appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off The Vine podcast, Flanagan revealed she's seeing a new dude. While she didn't mention his name, the way she described him sure didn't make it seem like she was talking about Jordan. In addition to noting that the guy isn't an influencer and doesn't even have Instagram on his phone, Flanagan also added that he's not familiar with The Bachelor.

Well, hey. I guess I've gotta still hand it to Jordan for trying?