Ben on 'Dead to Me' Season 2 may not be what he seems.

Um, Ben May Not Be As Nice As He Seems On 'Dead To Me' Season 2


One of the biggest shocks in the new season of Dead to Me comes at the end of the very first episode, when it looked for a second like Steve Wood had risen from the dead. The truth was almost weirder than that assumption, though, when Judy confirmed Steve has a "semi-identical" twin brother named Ben, and he came to town to try to figure out what happened to his brother. To put it lightly, things got a bit complicated in his investigation. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Dead to Me Season 2 finale. So, did Ben hit Jen on purpose in Dead to Me Season 2? It sure seemed like Ben was the total opposite of his douchey brother, but he may have finally snapped in the end.

I'm sure pretty much every fan had the same suspicions about Ben as I did when he first showed up: Was he secretly there to avenge his brother? Or, could "Ben" really just be Steve pretending to be his own twin? I mean, nobody could really be this nice — right?

However, as the season progressed, Ben convinced more and more fans he really was just a nice, dorky chiropractor with a passion for dance. Although he and his twin look exactly the same, Ben turned out to be nothing like Steve, and he even developed a sweet romance with Jen, thanks to his nerdy charm and relatable heartbreak.

But the final moments of Season 2 ended with a dark twist for Ben, and it might have some fans rethinking everything they thought they knew about him. As Jen and Judy were driving back home with a new car for Charlie, which was purchased with all of Judy's hidden money, Ben came out of nowhere and crashed his car into them.


Thankfully, it seemed like both Jen and Judy survived the crash, but the moment called into question Ben's motives. Right before that crash, Ben had gotten a call that seemed to be the police telling him they discovered Steve's dead body in the woods. It's not clear why he got in his car or where he was driving to after getting that information, but it is clear he got drunk before starting his drive. After crashing into Jen and Judy, Ben looked remorsefully at an empty whiskey bottle next to him and then drove off before the women could see him.

While it seemed like the crash may have just been an unfortunate accident — Ben was drunk and simply didn't notice the newly added stop sign Jen had installed at the intersection — there is a more sinister reading into what may have gone down: What if Ben had set out to kill Jen and Judy after finding out the truth about Steve? After all, he had just learned about his brother's dead body, and he definitely would have felt betrayed by Jen after getting so close to her. Maybe Ben downed some liquid courage and set out to get revenge.

Since the season ended right after the car crash, there's no telling whether Ben's hit-and-run was purposeful or a true accident, but either way, it will definitely shake things up if Netflix picks up Dead to Me for a third season.