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Did Addison Rae Or Bryce Hall Say "I Love You" First? They Revealed All In A New Interview

Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall have been working out together a lot lately in between filming dance videos, and the paparazzi keeps catching TikTok's biggest "It Couple" on their way out and probing them about their relationship. In a Nov. 2 on-the-street interview, the duo previously addressed Ariana Grande's shade towards influencers flouting social distancing guidelines, but on Nov. 22 they talked about something a little less scandalous: their own relationship. More specifically, the question surely on every stan account's mind, did Addison Rae or Bryce Hall say "I love you" first?

The couple made headlines on Nov. 5 when Hall took to the influencer-frequented Hollywood Raw Podcast to address rumors he and Easterling were faking their relationship for the press. Not only did he shut down the rumor, but he also threw some shade towards unnamed TikTokers who are faking their relationships, comparing them to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

The couple have been inseparable on social media since the interview, despite their busy schedules (Easterling is currently filming for her Hollywood debut in the remake of the 1999 classic film She's All That). Whether it's kissing for a viral video or canoodling out in Los Angeles, if they are faking their relationship, they're doing a damn good job.

Pop Galore caught the duo on the street in a Nov. 22 upload to YouTube and interrogated them on what their relationship is like behind the scenes. After stopping to take a photo with a fan (which she does effortlessly and kindly, other celebs take notes), Rae approached the paparazzi while Hall freaked out over a parking ticket for $50. "That's more than you make off your YouTube videos!" she joked with Hall before the two decided to answer some burning questions about their love life.

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When the interviewer asked, "Who said I love you first?" Easterling broke out into laughter while Hall pointed in her direction. "We typed out 'ily,'" Hall continued after Rae broke into a fit of laughter.

"No, we said, 'I love you too," she corrected him by stepping in front of the camera.

It seems like Rae was the one who said the three key words first, but Hall was gracious enough to let her take the reins of the conversation to promote their new YouTube video. Regardless, it's refreshing to see them interact in public so naturally; it really strikes out the "fake relationship" rumors. Now, more importantly, it's time to pay that parking ticket!