Demi & Kristian's Body Language On ‘BIP’ Shows How Strong They Are Together


Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Demi Burnett has never been one to do things halfway, but on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, it took her exploring her sexuality and relationships to realize what she truly wants from love. Demi's been honest about her attraction to all people from the start of the season, opening up to fellow Bachelor alum and Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, about her relationship with a girl back home. But it wasn't until the girl, Kristian Haggerty, showed up in Paradise that Demi's feelings were confirmed. Demi and Kristian's body language on Bachelor In Paradise shows that these two are totally into each other, and have the potential to go a long way together.

When Demi first came arrived to Paradise, she and Derek Peth started hanging out and quickly developed a sexy, loving relationship. But even though Derek was all-in with Demi and expressed his support when she came out to him, it was obvious Demi couldn't get Kristian out of her mind, or heart. So, when Chris Harrison surprised Demi with Kristian in Paradise, it's safe to say Bachelor Nation's hearts bursted wide open.

It was such a sweet moment, and it certainly appears as though Demi and Kristian are in it for the long haul. But does their body language agree? Are they built to last? I spoke with body language expert Traci Brown, author of Persuasion Point, to see what's really going on between these two love birds.

Their reunion was an important moment.

When Kristian appeared at the top of the stairs, it was clear that Demi was totally shocked. According to Brown, Kristian was "totally into the hug," while Demi was likely "keeping her distance" a little bit. Of course, this likely could have been due to the shock of seeing Kristian in Paradise, especially considering she hadn't yet told Kristian about her relationship with Derek. "See how her hips are leaving some distance, and not against her partner?" Brown explains Demi was a little more reserved in this moment.

This definitely matches up with what Kristian told Demi when she arrived. "I only came here for you. I don't want to be just an option for you," she said.

They weren't afraid of some PDA.

In this moment, Brown explains that Kristian is "in control. See how she’s got her hands on her partner’s face?" Kristian made it clear from the get-go that she wanted to be the only one Demi was seeing, and it didn't take long before Demi told her she felt the exact same way. Kristian taking charge in this moment, as Brown says, makes a lot of sense.

"The more I was away from you the more I thought about you," Demi told Kristian. "The second that I saw you, I knew it's you and it's always been you and I want to be with you." My heart can't take the sweetness!

They quickly got on the same page.

Demi and Kristian obviously had a lot to catch up on, and even though Kristian was a little hurt that Demi had been seeing Derek, when they sat down to talk, they quickly got on the same page. According to Brown, this sweet kiss between Demi and Kristian shows that they're both ready to be all-in. "They’re pretty equally committed here," Brown says. Demi might just be getting her happily-ever-after sooner rather than later!

These two are so in-sync.

After Demi, Derek, and Kristian talked everything out and Kristian was introduced to the whole Paradise gang, the two were given a date card to clock in some quality alone time. Er, in front of cameras, but still. In this moment, the pair head into their date, and according to Brown, show just how strong of a couple they are. "Here we see them look like great couples do," Brown explains. "They’re walking in step."

"I think they’re a good couple," Brown says, based on their body language. It's too soon to tell whether or not Demi and Kristian will end the season with an engagement, but based on their body language, it wouldn't be a shocker.